pt.1. [A treatise on physics

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James, John, and Paul Knapton, 1735

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Pagina 117 - Now by the help of these Principles, all material Things seem to have been composed of the hard and solid Particles above-mentioned, variously associated in the first Creation by the Counsel of an intelligent Agent. For it became him who created them to set them in order.
Pagina 55 - To tell us that every species of things is endowed with an occult specific quality by which it acts and produces manifest effects, is to tell us nothing...
Pagina 210 - Light at one degree of obliquity fhould meet with Pores enough in the Air to tranfmit the greater part of it, and at another degree of obliquity...
Pagina 210 - Degrees it is wholly reflected, if lefs obliquely it is in great meafure tranfmitted. Now it is not to be imagined that Light at one...
Pagina 271 - If the Theory of making Telescopes could at length be fully brought into practice, yet there would be certain Bounds beyond which Telescopes could not perform. For the Air through which we look upon the Stars, is in a perpetual Tremor; as may be seen by the tremulous Motion of Shadows cast from high Towers, and by the twinkling of the fix'd stars. The only remedy is a most serene and quiet Air, such as may perhaps be found on the tops of the highest Mountains above the grosser Clouds.
Pagina 202 - ... composed of other particles much smaller, which have as much empty space between them as equals all the magnitudes of these smaller particles: and that in like manner these smaller particles are again composed of others much smaller, all which together are equal to all the pores or empty spaces between...

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