The West Indies

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Clarendon Press, 1905 - 348 pagine
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Pagina 239 - For a while, at the end of the seventeenth and the beginning of the eighteenth century...
Pagina 14 - I do declare and promise that I will be true and faithful to the Commonwealth of England as it is now established, without a King or House of Lords.
Pagina 11 - The Governor and Company of the City of London for the Plantation of the Somers Islands...
Pagina 10 - For the kind spring which but salutes us here, Inhabits there and courts them all the year ; Ripe fruits and blossoms on the same trees live, At once they promise what at once they give ; So sweet the air, so moderate the clime, None sickly lives or dies before his time ; Heaven sure has kept this spot of earth uncurst To show how all things were created first.
Pagina 101 - We have done the like to the Windward English Islands; and both in England and Scotland and Ireland, you will have what men and women we can well transport.
Pagina 176 - ... that is to say, upon all dead commodities of the growth or produce of this island, that shall be shipped off the same, shall be paid to our Sovereign Lord the King, his heirs and successors for ever, four and a half in specie for every five score.
Pagina 62 - ... with all the other colonies of France, though it no doubt retarded, had not been able to stop its progress altogether. The course of its prosperity returned as soon as it was relieved from that oppression. It is now the most important of the sugar colonies of the West Indies, and its produce is said to be greater than that of all the English sugar colonies put together.
Pagina 329 - Here and there a peak or ridge of grey quartz rock breaks through the smooth surface. Every one has heard of the climate of these regions; it may be compared to that which is experienced at the height of between one and two thousand feet, on the mountains of North Wales; having however less sunshine and less frost, but more wind and rain.
Pagina 19 - Bermuda, where there is a very considerable magazine of powder in a remote part of the island ; and the inhabitants are well disposed not only to our cause in general, but to assist in this enterprise in particular.
Pagina 308 - Assiento,] as likewise without prejudice to any liberty or power, which the subjects of Great Britain enjoyed before, either through right, sufferance, or indulgence.

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