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purpose of grounding the boat. The wind being ahead, we, that is, the Pioneer, were just on the point of running in on the beach, when the wind taking her aback, she was driven among a reef of rocks, and escaped destruction as by a miracle. A sharp-pointed rock was just cleared by her, and her quarter was in imminent danger of being stove in on another mass of rock. She, however, ran on a little sandy bed, and escaped all the rocks most marvellously, so that afterwards, when the tide had ebbed, we were astounded to see how remarkable her escape had been. It was rather singular, that just at the moment I heard her bouncing against the ground, I was calling on the Lord in my morning prayer; and though conscious something was wrong from the hasty movements and anxious expressions overhead, yet I was assured of our safety, and altogether without any perturbed feelings.

“ The Speedwell took the land where it was proposed she should,—the beach, happily a sandy one, affording very favorable means of getting ashore. There was nothing very inviting in the appearance of Lennox Harbour, or the island; but a resting-place from storms, where we could lie some time undisturbed by the natives, and complete our boats, was very desirable, and we felt truly thankful when we saw neither wigwam nor natives in the harbour.

“ The day after our arrival here, we found that

we could not get either boat afloat, the tide on the previous morning being higher than usual, owing to the force of the tempest, and it being the second or third day after spring-tide. We must now wait till the next spring-tide, some nine or ten days, and if natives come, we can't flee from them. Bless the Lord, His hand has some secret but wise

We shall see by and by what it

purpose here.


Thursday, January 9.-Last night I remarkably experienced the force of St Paul's words, Eph. iii. 16. I literally felt the might of Christ strengthening me by his Spirit in the inner man. A powerful temptation to view our present circumstances with apprehension was forced into my mind. I felt that it was a device of Satan, and I instantly fastened my hold on the Lord Jesus. Delightfully did I feel that, leaning on his power, I feared no evil; and, with a sense of his presence to cheer and bless me, I had a heart for any fate.' Never did I experience so vividly that it was not I myself, but Christ in me,' that won the victory; or rather, that it was faith which seized hold on Christ's right arm, and thus wrought the triumph. I seemed at the time as if, in my complete nothingness, I had a power in my hand with which I could resist the devil, and stand firm against all his wiles.

Friday, January 10, Eleven P.m.-I bless and praise God that this day has been, I think, the happiest of my life. The fire of divine love has

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been burning on the mean altar of my heart, and the torch-light of faith has been in full trim, that I have only had to wave it to the right band or left, in order to discern spiritual things in heavenly places. With it this poor heart of mine, that so long has been a dark cavern, wherein with mournful consciousness of sin and vileness I have withdrawn myself and fainted at the rebuke of the Lord, has now been lighted up, and shewn to me both swept and garnished, sprinkled as it is with the blood of Christ Jesus. And now it is made a temple-shrine for an indwelling God. And lo! I have come out from my darkness, and am made light in the Lord, and, like Elijah standing on the mount before the Lord, I no longer pine in the sadness of gloom and disappointment, as not understanding the ways of God with men,' and his providential as well as his spiritual guidance of his children ; but awakening up from my reverie,

; and finishing my journey in the wilderness, I learn how great is the mystery of godliness, and how needful is the chastening of the Lord to his children, whilst as a Father he afflicts us for our profit, and humbles and abases us by the rod of his hand, and gives us to feel our poverty of spirit, our helplessness, and unworthiness, as a needful preparation to our beholding his glory, and hearing the still small voice of his love. To-day, the voice of the Lord has sounded in my ears, Come up hither;' yea, I have ascended up on high, and

dwelt with God in love. Now, now, now, the Lord Jesus is in me the hope of eternal glory.

Saturday, Jan. 11.-Another day of joy and peace, and sweet communion with


Lord. During the evening had a very sweet season with the men in prayer, each one, after the good old Methodist fashion, praying. Bless God, it was a favored time. The Spirit of God was with us, and we sang together with heart and voice. Erwin is, thank God, laboring under deep conviction and penitential sorrow for sin. I have no doubt now of his soon being one with us. This is indeed a matter of praise to God.”

The present circumstances of the mission party were very critical.

Their boats were aground, and there was no prospect of getting them afloat for a week. And to make the peril imminent, two of their number returned from a walk with the tidings that there were natives in the adjoining

But amidst these dangers and disasters a holy joy was filling the mind of Mr Williams, and rendering him forgetful of every temporal evil. The only member of the expedition of whom he stood in doubt was becoming “ a brother in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ ; and, under the teaching of the Comforter, his own spirit was surcharged with those sublime realisations which render the believer more than heroic. It is thus that he writes in his Antarctic Patmos :

Monday, Jan. 13.-—Last night, I was awak


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ened by thoughts crowding into my mind. The eye of faith ran over the foundations of its hope, and discovered such glorious marks of everlasting stability. I saw a necessity for the atonement in the astonishing baseness to which our nature had fallen, and for the power and wisdom engaged in our restoration being nothing short of God-the eternal God manifest in the flesh. As clearly as I perceived that body and soul make one man, so clearly and certainly did I see that God and man make one Christ, “the Wonderful, the Counsellor, the Mighty God, the Prince of Peace.' Now my soul drank plentifully of the streams which make glad the city of our God. Every feature of the Divine sacrifice acquired additional value in my eyes. I bowed before the Lord, and humbled my soul before him who saith of himself, “I am he that liveth and was dead, and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.' I felt that the inestimable price of my Saviour's blood was put into my hand.

hand. I could not tell nor count the riches I was worth; yea, I could scarce grasp the thought that all this was mine. But God strengthened my faith again, and I realised the glorious truth that with such a price in

my hand I could buy all heaven and all the pro-' mises of God. I did apply the golden key to heaven's treasury, and with it opened the storehouse of God's exceeding great and precious promises. With glorious light streaming in my face,

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