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derive great help and encouragement from seeing one far advanced in the way of holiness exemplifying the graces of the Christian character. He has made me a present of two works written by him --Travels in Africa, and A Voice from South America.

Saturday, Sept. 21.-Had our last view of Madeira at noon, distant from us about fifty miles. A lovely day,--the thermometer in the cabin ranging above summer heat,-in the sun very hot. Today I had occasion to go to the forecastle to attend on two of the sailors who were confined by sick

This gave me an opportunity of talking to the men, and I had a long conversation with them, and endeavoured to impress their minds, by God's help, with thoughts concerning their own salvation. They listened respectfully. Since coming on board, I have been much affected by feeling myself palpably surrounded with wickedness on all hands. Happily the position is quite novel ; for, although I have been ever moving among the worldly and the profane, yet I have been able to retire from amongst them into the seclusion of my own or some other quiet home. But now the harsh sound of vice reaches my ear all the day long, and I feel I am indeed a stranger and a pilgrim here. I bless the Lord that I look not for an abiding place, a continuing city amongst men, but that I am travelling with a consciousness of its being the wilderness, and looking forward to the rest which God hath prepared for his people. 'Twere a sin against God to expect or seek a rest here in this world. Here we must labor and lay up our treasure with God. Here we must toil and patiently endure the burden and heat of the day. Here we must wage our warfare, and fight the good fight of faith, • Behold, God will come with a recompence.' I will look forward and hasten unto the day of his appearing. I bless and praise God that I feel the Lord most graciously helping me, strengthening me, enlarging my faith, inspiring me with hope and confidence, and giving me sensibly to feel the tokens of his love. The sunshine of God is in my heart,-it feels the love of Christ.

“I do desire to glorify God. I long to love God with my whole soul. I seek and earnestly desire to have my every thought directed to the Lord. I truly wish for nothing the whole earth contains. I ask for nothing but grace to love God with all my heart, and mind, and soul, and strength, and, accepted of him, to be laid out and be spent in his service, to his honor and glory. With the world I have done,—with all its interests and pursuits, as far as feeling more attachment to them than as things with which, whilst it pleases God, I am for a moment connected. But my treasure and my heart are both in heaven. Grant, O Lord, that I may truly love thee!

Cold is my heart toward thee; O give me thy love! Lord Jesus, hear and answer this my prayer !


“ Ah, my dear,—my beloved friends, how many have been your anxious thoughts ere this ! 0 may the Almighty God who blesses me with his peace, and gives me to taste the sweet consolations of Christ, bless you also, and keep your hearts from all doubts and tormenting fears! I am safe from all harm and secure from all evil in his hands. I wish I just could tell each one of you so.

God bless you all.—The moment for our meeting together in prayer has just arrived.

Monday, September 23.—Yesterday—the Sabbath, we had a very delightful day. In the morning Captain Gardiner conducted the service, and read a sermon; in the evening, Mr Maidment. These services were held in the cabin, and there was a large muster of the ship's company present, and a precious opportunity was afforded for sowing the seed of life. But I fear the opportunity was somewhat lost, for the reason that the discourses were not suitable and adapted to the minds of these poor ignorant men. I felt this at the time, and determined to prepare a sermon for the next Sabbath evening, in dependence on Divine help.

“ This evening I went forward to the forecastle in company with Mr Maidment. We found most of the sailors present, nothing being doing on deck, as there was a perfect calm. They had just concluded a very jovial song with a boisterous chorus; and a party of them were engaged with cards. I treated them as gently as possible, and


as I have had an interview with many of them individually before, I managed to work my way pretty smoothly. The card-players, however, were very intent on their game, and tried to evade our notice. At length I asked them if they would allow me to pray with them, to which they consented. I had great liberty and access to God, and the men afterwards thanked me, and seemed to think I had done them a kindness. May the Lord bless the effort, made in his name, to their good!

Wednesday, October 2.--Lat. 13° 57', long. 26° 35'. Light winds, and very hot. All the Jews ill with fever. Mrs T-likewise ill. Ex.. tracted a tooth for Captain C. Now that there is absolute need of my aid, I feel a high degree of gratification that I am able to afford assistance, and feel the value of my profession more, I think, than I ever did. What a pleasure to practise medicine irrespective of pecuniary considerations ! How much more pleasurable to do good for its own sake, and to relieve the sufferings of our fellow-creatures, and to have our reward in the pleasure of doing so, than to connect therewith the gain of money! Would circumstances have allowed it, I should willingly have practised without making any charge. How often did I regret that I had an expensive establishment to keep up, and wished it was but a cottage, and that I might practise as a poor man amongst the poor! I never desired to increase my connexion amongst the more respectable; for so much unnecessary formality was required by them, and with them I had not the same privilege of addressing them in the language of affectionate concern, or of offering spiritual advice to their souls. The poor have generally some consciousness of their spiritual as well as temporal destitution, and they are more frequently accessible to a kindly intended act of Christian philanthropy.

But the rich and the respectable feel that their worldly position entitles them to consideration, and they expect that deference should be paid as well to their opinions as to their rank; hence, they are offended by any display of a disposition to teach and instruct them. Thou wast altogether born in sin,' is their language, ' and dost thou teach us ?' In the happy change now presented to me in prospect, may God grant that I may live unweariedly employed in doing good, and enjoy the sweet charm of a life spent in beneficence to others, and those others a race of beings who have scarcely ever felt the flowings of human kindness toward them! O Jesus, blessed Saviour, let these poor heathen, to whom thou art sending us, taste of thy precious love, and know thee in the riches of thy infinite mercy ! Darkest and most wretched of the human race, my precious Saviour, it will be a fit occasion to serve thee, in displaying thy goodness to ransom vile man in his utmost degradation, and thy willingness that not one should perish, but that all

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