(Italy, a poem).

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Baudry, 1840 - 252 pagine

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Pagina 51 - There is a glorious city in the sea; The sea is in the broad, the narrow streets, Ebbing and flowing; and the salt seaweed Clings to the marble of her palaces.
Pagina 104 - Tis but to make a trial of our love ! " — and filled his glass to all ; but his hand shook, and soon from guest to guest the panic spread. 'Twas but that instant she had left Francesco, laughing, and looking back, and flying still — her ivory tooth imprinted on his finger. But now, alas ! she was not to be found ; nor from that hour could...
Pagina 126 - Nearer we hail Thy sunny slope, ARCETRI, sung of Old For its green wine ; dearer to me, to most, As dwelt on by that great Astronomer, Seven years a prisoner at the city-gate, Let in but in his grave-clothes.
Pagina 101 - Dwelt in of old by one of the Orsini. Its noble gardens, terrace above terrace, And rich in fountains, statues, cypresses, Will long detain thee; through their arched walks, Dim at noonday, discovering many a glimpse Of knights and dames such as...
Pagina 83 - Signior Antonio, many a time and oft, In the Rialto, you have rated me About my moneys and my usances : Still have I borne it with a patient shrug ; For sufferance is the badge of all our tribe : You call me misbeliever, cut-throat dog, And spit upon my Jewish gaberdine, And all for use of that which is mine own'.
Pagina 126 - There it was that I found and visited the famous Galileo, grown old, a prisoner to the Inquisition, for thinking in astronomy otherwise than the Franciscan and Dominican licensers thought.
Pagina 105 - GINEVRA." -There, then, had she found a grave ! Within that chest had she concealed herself, Fluttering with joy, the happiest of the happy ; When a spring-lock, that lay in ambush there, Fastened her down forever ! . BOLOGNA.
Pagina 227 - Severely great, NEPTUNE the tutelar God; A HOMER'S language murmuring in her streets And in her haven many a mast from TYRE. Then came another, an unbidden guest. He knocked and entered with a train in arms; And all was changed, her very name and language! The TYRIAN merchant, shipping at his door Ivory and gold, and silk, and frankincense, Sailed as before, but, sailing, cried "FoR P^STUM!
Pagina 108 - To sojourn among strangers, every where (Go where he would, along the wildest track) Flinging a charm that shall not soon be lost, And leaving footsteps to be traced by those Who love the haunts of Genius; one who saw, Observed, nor shunned the busy scenes of life, But mingled not, and 'mid the din, the stir, Lived as a separate Spirit.
Pagina 25 - He slipped, he fell ; and, through a fearful cleft Gliding from ledge to ledge, from deep to deeper, Went to the under-world ! Long-while he lay Upon his rugged bed — then waked like one Wishing to sleep again and sleep for ever ! For looking round, he saw or thought he saw Innumerable branches of a cavern, Winding beneath...

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