Bishop Percy's Folio Manuscript: Ballads and Romances, Volume 2

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N. Trübner & Company, 1868

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Pagina xxxii - Adjoin'd, from each thing met conceives delight ; The smell of grain, or tedded grass, or kine, Or dairy, each rural sight, each rural sound...
Pagina xxx - In Chevy Chase there is not much of either bombast or affectation ; but there is chill and lifeless imbecility. The story cannot possibly be told in a manner that shall make less impression on the mind.
Pagina xxxiii - The summer day sped onwards so fast that, notwithstanding the sharp appetite of thirteen, I forgot the hour of dinner, was sought for with anxiety, and was still found entranced in my intellectual banquet. To read and to remember was in this instance the same thing, and henceforth I overwhelmed my schoolfellows and all who would hearken to me with tragical recitations from the ballads of Bishop Percy. The first time too I could scrape a few shillings...
Pagina xiii - There is even a despicable simplicity in the verse ; and yet, because the sentiments appear genuine and unaffected, they are able to move the mind of the most polite reader with inward meltings of humanity and compassion.
Pagina 405 - by a poet, to excite admiration, and inspire virtue, " by representing the action of some one hero, favoured " by heaven, who executes a great design, in spite of " all the obstacles that oppose him...
Pagina xxii - Fingal, an ancient Epic poem, in six books, together with several other poems composed by Ossian, the son of Fingal, translated from the Gaelic language by James Macpherson.
Pagina xxvii - twas moulder'd into dust, " Yet, yet," she cried, " I follow thee. " My death, my death alone can show The pure, the lasting love I bore ; Accept, O Heaven ! of woes like ours. And let us, let us weep no more.
Pagina 554 - ... affirm them to be quite and utterly discharged of all Manner Servage, due as well of their Body as of their said Tenures, and will not suffer any Distress or other Justice to be made upon them; but do menace the Ministers of their Lords of Life and Member, and, which more is, gather themselves together in great Routs, and agree by such Confederacy, that every one shall aid other to resist their Lords with strong Hand...
Pagina viii - ... more things in heaven and earth than were dreamt of in their philosophy ; they consigned this hapless nonconformist to profound neglect.
Pagina xiii - This song is a plain simple copy of nature, destitute of the helps and ornaments of art. The tale of it is a pretty tragical story, and pleases for no other reason but because it is a copy of nature.

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