Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics Simulations in Polymer Science

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Kurt Binder
Oxford University Press, 3 ago 1995 - 608 pagine
Written by leading experts from around the world, Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics Simulations in Polymer Science comprehensively reviews the latest simulation techniques for macromolecular materials. Focusing in particular on numerous new techniques, the book offers authoritative introductions to solutions of neutral polymers and polyelectrolytes; dynamics of polymer melts, rubbers and gels, and glassy materials; thermodynamics of polymer mixing and mesophase formation, and polymers confined at interfaces and grafted to walls. Throughout, contributors offer practical advice on how to overcome the unique challenges posed by the large size and slow relaxation of polymer coils. Students and researchers in polymer chemistry, polymer physics, chemical engineering, and materials and computational science will all benefit from the cogent, step-by-step introductions contained in this important new book.

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General Aspects of Computer Simulation Techniques and their Applications in Polymer Physics
2 Monte Carlo Methods for the SelfAvoiding Walk
Effects of LongRange Interactions
4 Entanglement Effects in Polymer Melts and Networks
5 Molecular Dynamics of Glassy Polymers
6 Monte Carlo Simulations of the Glass Transition of Polymers
7 Monte Carlo Studies of Polymer Blends and Block Copolymer Thermodynamics
8 Simulation Studies of Polymer Melts at Interfaces
9 Computer Simulations of Tethered Chains

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