The modern part of An universal history, from the earliest accounts to the present time, Volume 12

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C. Bathurst, J. F. and C. Rivington, A. Hamilton, T. Payne, T. Longman, S. Crowder, B. Law, T. Becket, J. Robson, F. Newbery, G. Robinson, T. Cadell, J. and T. Bowles, S. Bladon, J. Murray, and W. Fox., 1781

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Pagina 261 - Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona ; for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven. And I say also unto thee, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock will I build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
Pagina 44 - ... gardens in and round the city. The sun shone brilliantly on the tops of these mountains, while a long chain of clouds hid the middle of them from sight. The natural beauties which distinguish the site of Palermo, cannot fail to excite admiration; but I was disappointed in the city itself, which is about a mile in length, and three quarters of a mile in breadth. I should think Brydone's account of its population, viz., 150,000, to be still correct. It is built with great regularity, being intersected...
Pagina 52 - Tercera is fertile, pleafant, and healthy; the very rocks, which elfewhere are dry and barren, produce here excellent vines, though not equal to thofe raifed in the Canaries and Madeira. The land yields large crops of wheat and other...
Pagina 226 - Jews, who crucified our Lord, and cried out, " His blood be upon us and upon our children...
Pagina 54 - Happily thcfe ftorms are preceded by infallible tokens, with which long experience has made the inhabitants perfectly acquainted. On thefe occafions, the Pico, or peak, is overcaft with clouds, and grows exceedingly dark ; but what they repute the moft certain criterion is the fluttering and chirping of flocks of birds round, the city, for fome days before. , AT Angra are kept the royal magazines for anchors, cables, fails, and all forts of ftores, for the royal navy, or occafionally for merchant-men...
Pagina 226 - This is the day which the LORD hath made ; Let us rejoice and be glad in it...
Pagina 9 - The top is conftantly covered wttE fnow ; but, notwithstanding the clearnefs of the fky, generally hid in the clouds. On the north fide it has a good road for (hipping, with a collection of frefh water rifing from fprings, which...
Pagina 54 - ... for them to acquire any furniture that is elegant, and their pride makes them defpife what is mean. BESIDES Angra, there are feveral other towns and large villages in Tercera, with a number of forts and garifons, under the direction of the governor, who has the power of filling up all vacancies that happen among the military officers. The only town, however, that deferves to be mentioned is Jticya, which is a place of trade, and has the fecond-beft harbour in the Azores.
Pagina 27 - ... that their pace muft be exceeding flow. Although the vertex appears (harp, and the exact refemblance . of a cone, yet it is flat for the extent of an acre of ground, in the centre of which is a dreadful volcano, which frequently breaks out into flames, fo violent as to (hake the whole ifland . with an incredible force.
Pagina 423 - ... with hardnefs of heart ; who, according to another tradition which prevails, and is carefully preferved throughout the different nations, were fent by God himfelf, and came into their country through a window ; that the man's name was Noh, and the -woman's Hingnoh, who taught their defendants to do many things, and keep cattle.

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