Carbon Dioxide as Chemical Feedstock

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Michele Aresta
John Wiley & Sons, 26 gen 2010 - 414 pagine
Filling the need for an up-to-date handbook, this ready reference closely investigates the use of CO2 for ureas, enzymes, carbamates, and isocyanates, as well as its use as a solvent, in electrochemistry, biomass utilization and much more.
Edited by an internationally renowned and experienced researcher, this is a comprehensive source for every synthetic chemist in academia and industry.

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1 Carbon Dioxide Utilization Options to Reduce its Accumulation in the Atmosphere
2 Utilization of Dense Carbon Dioxide as an Inert Solvent for Chemical Syntheses
3 Autotrophic Carbon Fixation in Biology Pathways Rules and Speculations
4 Carbon Dioxide Coordination Chemistry and Reactivity of Coordinated CO2
5 Main Group Element and Transition MetalPromoted Carboxylation of Organic Substrates Alkanes Alkenes Alkynes Aromatics and Others
6 The Chemistry of NCO2 Bonds Synthesis of Carbamic Acids and Their Derivatives Isocyanates and Ureas
7 Synthesis of Linear and Cyclic Carbonates
8 Polymers from Carbon Dioxide Polycarbonates Polythiocarbonates and Polyurethanes
9 InSitu Study of Carbon Deposition during CO2 Reforming of Methane for Synthesis Gas Production Using the Tapered Element Oscillation Micro...
10 Utilization of Carbon Dioxide through Nonthermal Plasma Approaches
11 Photochemical Electrochemical and Photoelectrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide
12 Recent Scientific and Technological Developments in Electrochemical Carboxylation Based on Carbon Dioxide
13 Indirect Utilization of Carbon Dioxide Utilization of Terrestrial and Aquatic Biomass
14 Fixation of Carbon Dioxide into Inorganic Carbonates The Natural and Artificial Weathering of Silicates

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Informazioni sull'autore (2010)

Michele Aresta is full Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Bari and Honorary Professor of the Tianjin University. He is President of the Inorganic Chemistry Division of Italian Chemical Society and Director of the "Interuniversity Consortium on Chemical Reactivity and Catalysis". His areas of research are carbon dioxide utilisation in synthetic chemistry, catalysis, coordination and metallorganic chemistry. Professor Aresta is author of more than 200 papers and editor of four books. He has received several awards, like the Award of the Italian Chemical Society and the Prize of the Societe Francaise de Chimie for Inorganic Chemistry.

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