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Cataloging Distribution Service, Library of Congress, 1992

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Pagina 363 - SA subdivision Diseases and pests under names of crops, etc., eg Fruit — Diseases and pests; Grain — Diseases...
Pagina 230 - Works on the economic conditions of particular countries, regions, cities, etc., are entered under the name of the place subdivided by Economic conditions.
Pagina 251 - ARMENIA Class here works on the historic kingdom and region of Armenia as a whole. For works on the territories incorporated into other countries after 1920, see the country, eg DK511.A68+, Armenian SSR; DS51+, Turkey 161 Periodicals.
Pagina 254 - ... process, resting upon explicit or implicit international agreement, governing any aspect of the following: the numbers, types, and performance characteristics of weapon systems (including...
Pagina 131 - Works on variations in the style of writing in the past, and especially with ancient and medieval handwriting, are entered under Paleography. Works on written languages as a form of communication or discourse are entered under Written communication.
Pagina 279 - Artists' illustrated books Class here works about books richly illustrated with original prints by well known artists and published in limited editions. Class here also collections of such books or illustrations from them by several artists. For such works in a single print medium, see the medium. For works by specific artists, see the artist in the specific medium 890 General works 892 By region or country, AZ 951 Choice of subject.
Pagina 158 - Here are entered general works on the landing of waterbprne or airborne troops on hostile territory, including the tactics of transporting, landing and establishing such troops and their supplies, and combat during the landing phase. Works on the joint operation of air, land and sea forces to establish troops on shore, as developed in World War II, are entered under Amphibious Warfare. see also Amphibious Warfare...
Pagina lxxvi - A review of the volumes of the Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature and The New York Times Index failed to reveal any articles dealing with this phenomenon in the United States.
Pagina 218 - USE subdivision Appropriations and expenditures under names of countries, cities, etc. and under names of individual government...
Pagina ix - Headings stating which of several meanings of a heading is the one to which its use in the Library's catalogs is limited. These notes appear in the list immediately following the headings with which they are used. A typical example may be found under the heading Home-based businesses.

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