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Botany, Horticulture, Agriculture and Herbals.

1 ABERCROMBIE (J.). The Gardener's Pocket Dictionary; or, arrangement of Trees, Herbs, Flowers, etc. Linnean Method, with directions for the general practice of Gardening. 3 vols., Sm. 8vo., green morocco, gilt backs. 1786.

£1 18. 2 Rei AGRARIAE, Auctores legesque variae, cura W. Goesii, acc. Goesii Antiquitatum Agrariarum. Plates and figures in the text. 4to., old calf. Amst., 1674

12s. 6d. 3 AGRICOLA. Miscellaneous Observations on Planting and Training Timber-Trees; particularly calculated for the climate of Scotland. In a series of Letters. Cr. 8vo., calf. Edinburgh, 15s. 6d.


An interesting account of Scottish forestry in the latter half of the XVIIIth century.

4 ALDROVANDUS (Ulysses). Dendrologiae naturalis scilicet arborum historiae LIBRI Duo Sylva Glandaria, acinosumo Pomarium. Engraved title-page and woodcuts, including many of apples and pears, a few of fungi found on fruit trees, and 2 figures of insects from Moufet, 1634. Folio, calf. Bononiae, 1668

£3 5 ALPINUS (Prosperus). De Plantis Exoticis, libri duo. Fullpage engravings throughout, and engraved title with portraits of Theophrastus and Dioscorides. Few leaves at end slightly damp-stained at corners. Sm. 4to., old calf. Venice, 1629.

£1 10s. 6 AMMANUS (Joannes). Stirpium Rariorum in Imperio Rutheno sponte provenientium Icones et Descriptiones. Numerous plates engraved on copper. 4to., calf. Petropoli, 1739. £1 10s. 7 AUBLET (Fusée). Histoire de Plantes de la Guiane Francoise ranges suivant la methode sexuelle, avec plusieurs memoires sur differens objets interessans, relatifs à la culture & au Commerce de la Guiane Francaise, et une Notice des Plantes de l'Ille de France. 392 plates, 4 vols., 4to., calf, m. e., FINE SET. Paris, 1775. £8 8s. 9 BARRELIER (J.). Icones Plantarum per Galliam, Hispaniam et Italiam observantar ad vivum exhibitarum. . . editum cura &

studio Antonii de Jussieu. Numerous plates, folio, engraved title, calf. Paris, 1714. £2 2s. 10 BARTALINI (Prof. B.) Catalogo delle Piante che nascono spontanea intorno alla Citta di Siena. 4to., old vellum. Siena, 1776.

Ss. 6d. 11 BAUHINUS (Johannes) and CHERLER (Jean Henri). Historia Plantarum Universalis. 3 vols., engraved titles and numerous illustrations in the text, folio, calf. Iverdon, 1650-1

£6 6s.

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BAZIN (M.). Observations sur les plantes et leur analogie avec les Insectes, precedées de deux discours l'un sur l'Accroissement du Corps humain, l'autre sur la cause pour laquelle les Bestes nagent naturellement, & que l'Homme est oblige d'en etudier les moyens. 8vo., calf, SCARCE. Strasbourg, 1741. 15s.

BERRYAIS (Abbe). Traite des Jardins, ou Le Nouveau de la Quintinye. Troisieme edition, 8vo., plates, boards, calf backed. Paris, 1789.

BERTHELON (l'Abbc). De l'Electricité des Vegetaux. Ouvrage Hans lequel on traite de l'electricité de l'atmosphere sur les plantes, de ses effets sur l'economie des vegétaux, etc. Avec 3 planches, vo., calf, SCARCE. Lyon, 1783.

BLITH (Walter). The English Improved, or the Survey of Husbandry Surveyed... by Wa. Blith, a Lover of Ingenuity. The Third Impression much Augmented, with an Additional Discovery of the severall Tooles, and Instruments in their Formes nd Figures promised. With engraved title and woodcuts, sm. 4to., heepskin. London, 1653

Two or three lines cut out of title and 2 plates missing.
This was the first volume to deal with drainage in England.

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