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the Jews as the pillar of Judaism; and 1 have concluded to make a separate treatise of it and annex it to this work.

Being convinced of the laudable and benevolent intentions of this respectable society, 1 have been particular in meeting the objections of this writer, which are properly not his, but collected from the writings of their modern rabbies. J have, I hope, given a plain, clear and conclusive refutation of those objections, by which the Christian church has so often been disturbed, and which have induced this Jewish writer exultingly to conclude each dissertation by saying: "Now as it is clear, that none of those things were accomplished at their return from Babylon, nor yet in the person of Jesus; neither can they be explained according to the spiritualizing scheme of the Christians: whence it is manifest, ihat they remain to be fulfilled at the coming of the true Messiah." Levi, Dis. vol. 2. p. 229.

*^* I must ncft omit to say, that for the sake of accuracy and precision, I have submitted the various articles to the inspection and approval of the leading persons of each sect; the statements, therefore, of their doctrine, as well as the order of their communion, have been sanctioned and confirmed.

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The first edition of this .work, baving been sold in the space of a few months, bas encouraged the Author to print the second •, the rapid sale "being the best proof, that t\\e publie bave been gratified with the new matter, which is communicated Y»"S a strict attention to the sacred language.

Many of the articles bave again "been submitted to the inspection of those, wbo are the most intelligent teachers among the different denominations of Christians ., and \ nee& only soj, that they nave acknowledged the definitions of the doctrines to he perfectly consistent with their -views.


In this edition, the Author "has given three sheets of matter moire than is contained in the first *, many linings \vaving occurred to "him of a most important nature, altogether new inTiihlical "Literature, "but such as will impress the mind with the sanctity of the original •, and which indeed is absolutely necessary to \>e known tiy all Christians.

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