The World Viewed: Reflections on the Ontology of Film, Enlarged Edition

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Harvard University Press, 1 gen 1979 - 280 pagine
Stanley Cavell looks closely at America’s most popular art and our perceptions of it. His explorations of Hollywood’s stars, directors, and most famous films—as well as his fresh look at Godard, Bergman, and other great European directors—will be of lasting interest to movie-viewers and intelligent people everywhere.

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Foreword to the Enlarged Edition
An Autobiography of Companions
Sights and Sounds
Photograph and Screen
Audience Actor and Star
Types Cycles as Genres
Ideas of Origin
Absolute Age and Youth
Some Modernist Painting
Exhibition and SelfReference
The Cameras Implication
Assertions in Techniques
The Acknowledgment of Silence

Baudelaire and the Myths of Film
The Military Man and the Woman
The Dandy
End of the Myths
The Medium and Media of Film
More of The World Viewed

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