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L M. 263.

Ps. li. 9-13. 1 OH, turn, great Ruler

of the skies, Turn from my sin thy searching eyes, Nor let th’offences of my hand,

Within thy book, recorded stand. 2 Give me a will to thine subdu'd,

A conscience pure, a soul renew'd;
Nor let me, wrapt in endless gloom,

An outcast from thy presence roam. s Oh, let thy Spirit to my heart

Once more his quick’ning aid impart,
My mind from every fear release,

And sooth my troubled thoughts to peace. 4 So shall the souls, whom error's sway

Has urg'd from thee, blest Lord, to stray, From me thy heavenly precepts learn, And, humbled, to their God return.

S. M. 264.

Conviction. 1 M former hopes are filed,

My terror now begins; I feel, alas! that I am dead

In trespasses and sins. 2 Ah, whither shall I Ay?

I hear the thunder roar;
The law proclaims destruction nigh,

And vengeance at the door. 8

When I review my ways,

I dread impending doom;
Byt sure a friendly whisper says,

ts Flee from the wrath to come.” 4 I see, or think I see,

A glimm'ring from afar;
A beam of day that shines for me,
To save me from despair.

5 Forerunner of the sun,

It marks the pilgrim's way;
I'll gaze upon it while I run,
And watch the rising day. .

P. M. 265.

Sin bewailed. 1 COME, my soul, thy suit prepare,

Jesus loves to answer pray’r; He himself has bid thee

Rise and ask without delay.
2 With my burden I begin;

Lord! remove this load of sin!
Let thy blood for sinners spilt

Set my conscience free from guilt.
3 Lord! I come to thee for rest,
Take possession of my breast;
There thy sov’reign right maintain,
And without a rival reign.
4 Show me what I have to do,

Ev'ry hour my strength renew;
Let me live a life of faith,
Let me die thy people's death.

L. M. 266.

Confession and Repentance. 10

LORD, my God, in mercy turn,

In mercy hear a sinner mourn! To thee I call, to thee I cry,

O leave me, leave me not to die!
2 O pleasures past, what are ye now

But thorns about my bleeding brow?
Spectres that hover round my brain,

And aggravate and mock my pain. 3 For pleasure I have given my soul;

Now justice, let thy thunders roll!
Now vengeance smile and with a blow,
Lay the rebellious ingrate low.

$ Yet Jesus, Jesus! there I'll cling,

I'll crowd beneath his sheltering wing;
I'll clasp the cross, and holding there,

E’en me, oh bliss !-his wrath may spare. 267.

C. M.

Repentance at the Cross. "OH, if my soul was form’d for wo,

How would I vent my sighs!
Repentance should like rivers flow

From both my streaming eyes,
2 Twas for my sins my dearest Lora

Hung on the cursed tree,
And groan'd away a dying life

For thee, my soul, for thee,
3 O how I hate those lusts of mine

That crucified my God, Those sins that pierc'd and nail'd his flesh

Fast to the fatal wood.
4 Yes, my Redeemer, they shall die,

My heart has so decreed,
Nor will I spare the guilty things

That made my Saviour bleed.
6 Whilst with a melting broken heart

My murder'd Lord I view,
I'll raise revenge against my sins,
And slay the murderers too.

C. M. 268.

Slain and reviving. Rom. vii. 9. I SMOTE by the law, I'm justly slain;

Great'God, behold my case; Pity a sinner fill'd with pain,

Nor drive me from thy face.
% Dread terrors fright my guilty soul-

Thy justice, all in flames,
Gives sentence on this heart so foui.
So hard, so full of crimes.

3 'Tis trembling hardness that I feel;

I fear, but don't relent,
Perhaps of endless death the seal:

Oh, that I could repent! 4 My pray’rs, my tears, my vows alr. vile

My duties black with guilt;
On such a wretch can mercy smile,

Tho' Jesus' blood was spilt?
5 Speechless I sink to endless night,

see an opening hell:
But lo! what glory strikes my sight!

Such glory who can tell!
6 Enwrapt in these bright beams of peace,

I feel a gracious God:
Swell, swell the note: Oh, tell his grace;
Sound his high praise abroad!

P. M. 269.

Renouncing the World.
COME, my fond fluttering heart,

Come, struggle to be free,
Thou and the world must part,

However hard it be:
My trembling spirit owns it just,

But cleaves yet closer to the dust. 2. Ye tempting sweets, forbear,

Ye dearest idols, fall; My love ye must not share,

Jesus shall have it all: 'Tis bitter pain, 'tis cruel smart,

But ah! thou must consent, my heart! 3 Ye fair enchanting throng!

Ye golden dreams, farewell!
Earth has prevail'd too long,

And now I break the spell:
Ye cherish'd joys of early years,
Jesus, forgive


4 But must I part with all?

My heart still fondly pleads,
Yes Dagon's self must fall,

It beats, it throbs, it bleeds.
Is there no balm in Gilead found

To sooth and heal the smarting wound! $ O yes, there is a balm,

A kind physician there,
My fever'à mind to calm,

To bid me not despair:
Aid me, dear Saviour, set me free;

And I will all resign to thee: 6 O may I feel thy worth,

And let no idol dare, No vanity of earth,

With thee, my Lord, compare Now bid all worldly joys depart, And reign supremely in



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P. M. 270.

Penitent puing for Pardon. Job xiii. 15. 1 SAVIOUR, canst thou love a traitor?

Canst thou love a child of wrath? Can a hell-deserving creature

Be the purchase of thy death! Is thy blood so efficacious,

As to make my nature clean? Is thy sacrifice so precious,

As to free my soul from sin?
Sin on ev'ry side surrounds me

I can hear of no relief;
Pangs of unbelief confound me,
Help me, Lord, to bear my grief

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