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Out of the deep I cry to thee

Save, or I perish in lespair. 2 Weeping, to Thee I lift mine eyes,

Mine eyes which fail with looking up, For thee my heart laments and sighs

Sick with desire and lingering hope. 3 O that I could but surely know

If I at last shall mercy find! For what am I reserv'd below?

Tell me, thou Saviour of manknd! Let others walk with thee in light,

But bless me with one parting ray, And ere I close mine eyes in night,

Give me to see thy perfect day. 285.

(217.) C. M.

Supplication for God's grace. 1 To thee, God! my pray’r ascends,

But not for golden stores; Nor covet I the brightest gems

On the rich eastern shores: 2 Nor that deluding empty joy.

Men call a mighty name,
Nor greatness with its pride and state,

My restless thoughts inflame:3 Nor pleasure's fascinating charms

Mý fond desires allure:
But nobler things than these, from thee,

My wishes would secure.
The faith and hope of joys to come

My best affections move;,
Thy light, thy favour, and thy smiles,

Thine everlasting love.
5 These are the blessings I desire:

Lord, be these blessings mine!
And all the glories of the world
I cheerfully resign.


(218.) C. M.

God the portion of the Soul.
My God, my portion, and my love!

My everlasting all!
I've none but thee in heav'n above,

Or on this earthly ball.
2 In vain the bright meridian sun

Scatters his feeble light:
Thy brighter beams create my noon;

Ifthou withdraw, 'tis night.
s And while upon my restless bed,

Amongst the shades I roll;
If God his light around me shed,

'Tis morning with my soul.
4 To thee I owe my wealth and friends,

And health, and safe abode. Thanks to thy name for meaner things,

But they are not my God. 5 Ifl possess’d the spacious earth,

And call'd the stars my own; Without thy mercy and thy love,

I were a wretch undone. 6 Let others stretch their arms like seas,

And grasp in all the shore; Grant me to see thy blissful face,

And I desire no more! 287.

C. M. (219.)

God the Christian's portion. i GOD, my supporter and my hope,

My help for ever near! Thine arm of mercy holds me up,

And saves me from despair. 2 Thy counsels, Lord! shall guide my feet

Through this dark wilderness: Thy hand conduct me near thy seat, dwell before thy face

3 Were I in heav'n without my God,

Twould be no joy to me;
And whilst this earth is my abode,

I long for none but thee.
What if the springs of life were broke,

And flesh and heart should faint? God is my soul's eternal rock,

The strength of ev'ry saint. 5 Behold, the sinners, that remove

Far from thy presence, die: Not all the idol-gods they love

Can save them, when they cry. 6 But to draw néar to thee, my God!

Shall be my sweet employ. My tongue shall sound thy works abroad

And tell the world my joy.


C. M. 1 THOU hidden God, for whom I groan,

Till thou thyself declare:
God inaccessible, unknown,

Regard a sinner's prayer.
2 A sinner weltering in his blood,

Unpurg'd and unforgiven;
Far distant from the living God,

As far as hell from heaven. 3 An unregen'rate child of man,

To thee for faith I call;
Pity thy fallen creature's pain,

And raise me from my fall. 4 The darkness which, thro’ thee, I feel,

Thou only canst remove: Thine own eternal power reveal,

The Deity of love. 5 I would not to thy foe submit: I hate the

Send forth thy pris'ner from the pit,

Nor let me cry in vain, 6 Show me the blood that bought my peace,

The cov’nant blood apply!
And all my griefs at once shall cease,

And all my sins shall die.
7 Speak, Jesus, speak into my heart,

What thou for me hast done; One grain of living faith impart,

And God is all my own.


S. M.
JESUS, my strength, my hope;

On thee I cast my care,
With humble confidence look up,

And know thou hear'st my prayer
Give me on thee to wait,

Till I can all things do,
On thee, Almighty to create,

Almighty to renew.
2 I want a sober mind,

A self-renouncing will,
That tramples down, and casts behind

The baits of pleasing ill.
A soul inur'd to pain,

To hardship, grief, and loss; Bold to take up, firm to sustain,

The consecrated cross. 3 I want a godly fear,

A quick discerning eye,
That looks to thee when sin is near

And sees the tempter ily;
A spirit still prepard,

And arm’d with jealous care, Fo ever standing on its guard, And watching unto prayer.


I want a heart to pray,

To pray and never cease; Never to murmur at thy stay

Or wish my suff'rings less.
This blessing, above all,

Always to pray I want,
Out of the deep on thee to call,

And never, never faint. 5 I want a true regard,

A single, steady aim,
Unmov'd by threat’ning or reward,

To thee and thy great riame;
A jealous just concern

For thine immortal praise: А pure

desire that all may learn, And glorify thy grace.

C. M. Imploring Mercy. Luke xviii. 18. i LORD, at thy feet in dust I lie;

And knock at mercy's door; With humble heart and weeping eycj

Thy favour I implore.
% On me, O Lord, do thou display

Thiy rich, forgiving love;
O take my heinous guilt away,

This heavy load remove.
Ś Without thy grace, I sink opprest

Down to the gates of hell;
O give my troubled spirit rest,

Ånd all my fears dispel.
& 'Tis mercy, mercy, I implore,

O may thy bowels move:
Thy grace is an exhaustless store,

And thou thyself art love.
5 Should I at last in heaven appear;

To join thy saints above; I'll shout that mercy brought me diert, And sing thy bleeding love.

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