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O there may I, though vile as he,

Wash all my sins away!
3 Dear dying Lamb, thy precious blood

Shall never lose its power,
Till all the ransom'd church of God

Be sav'd, to sin no more.
4 F'er since, by faith, I saw the stream

Thy flowing wounds supply, Redeeming love has been my theme,

And shall be till I die.
5 Then in a nobler, sweeter song,

I'll sing thy power to save;
When this poor lisping stamm’ring tongue

Lies silent in the grave.
6 Lord, I believe thou hast prepar'd

(Unworthy though I be) For me a blood-bought free reward,

A golden harp for me!
7 'Tis strung, and tun'd, for endless years,

And forin'd by power divine;
To sound in God the Father's ears

No other name but thine.

L. M. 328. The Loving Kindness of the Lord. Psalms

Ixiii, 7.
AWAKE, my soul, in joyful lays,

And sing thy great Redeemer's praise;
He justly claims a song from me,

His loving-kindness, Ö how free! 2 He saw me ruin'd in the fall,

Yet lov’d me notwithstanding allo
He sav'd me from my lost estate,

His loving kindness, O low great!
3 Though num'rous hosts of mighty foes,
Though earth and hell my way oppose,

He safely leads my soul along,

His loving-kindness, O how strong!. 4 When trouble, like a gloomy cloud,

Has gather'd thick and thunder'd loud,
He near my soul has always stood,

His loving-kindness, O how good! 5 Often I feel my sinful heart

Prone from my Jesus to depart;
But though I have him oft forgot,

His loving-kindness changes not.
E Soon shall I pass the gloomy vale,
Soon all

powers must fail; 0! may my last expiring breath

His loving-kindness sing in death. 7 Then let me mount and soar away

To the bright world of endless day;
And sing, with rapture and surprise,
His loving-kindness in the skies.

my mortal


P. M. 1 LET earth and heaven agree;

Angels and men be joined, To celebrate with me

The Saviour of mankind: T'adore the all-atoning Lamb,

And bless the sound of Jesus' name. 2 Jesus! transporting sound!

The joy of earth and heaven;
No other help is found,

No other name is given,
By which we can salvation have,

But Jesus came the world to save.
S Jesus! harmonious name!

It charms the host above; They evermore proclaim,

And wonder at his love; 'Tis all their happiness to gaze, 'Tis heaven to see our Jesus' face.

4 Stung by the scorpion sin,

My poor expiring soul
The balmy sound drinks in,

And is at once made whole:
See there my Lord upon the tree!

I hear, I feel he died for me. 5 ( unexampled love!

O all-redeeming grace!
How swiftly didst thou move

To save a fallen race:
What shall I do to make it known,

What thou for all mankind hast done! 6 O for a trumpet voice,

On all the world to call;
To bid their hearts rejoice

In him who died for all!
For all

my Lord was crucified! For all, for all my Saviour died, q To serve thy blessed will,

Thy dying love to praise,
l'hy counsel to fulfil,

And minister thy grace,
Freely what I receive to give,
T'he life of heaven on earth I live,


P. M. "O

LOVE divine! what hast thou done!

Th' immortal God hast died for me!
The Father's coeternal Son,

Bore all my sins upon the tree:
Th’immortal God for me hath died:

My Lord, my Love is crucified. 9 Behold and love, ye that pass hy,

The bleeding Prince of life and peace! Come, see, ye worms, your Maker die,

And say, was ever grief like his? ! Come, feel with me his blood applied, My Lord, my Love is crucified

$ lś crucru d for me and you,

To bri s us rebels back to God: Believe,' lieve the record true,

Ye all: 'e bought with Jesus? blood; Pardon fe : all flows from his side:

My Lord, my Love is crucified. $ Then let's sit beneath his cross,

And gla lly catch the healing stream: All things for him account but loss,

And gira up all our hearts to him; Of nothing think or speak beside,

My Lord, my Love is crucified. 331.

L. M. i My hope, my all, my Saviour thou,

To thee, lo! now my soul I bow I feel the bliss thy wounds impart,

I find thee, Saviour, in my heart. 2 Be thon my strength, be thou my way,

Protect me through my life's short days In all my acts may wisdom guide, And keep me, Saviour, near thy side. s Correct, reprove, and comfort me;' As I have need my Saviour be: And if I would from thee depart,

Then clasp me, Saviour, to thy heart, $ In fierce temptation's darkest hour,

Save me from sin and Satan's power; Tear every idol from thy throne,

And reign, my Saviour-reign alone. 5 My suffering time shall soon be o’er,

Then shall | sigh and weep no more; My ransom'd soul shall soar away,

To sing thy praise in endless day. 332.

.(114.) P. M. Jesus above all praise.' all the glorious names. Of wisdom,

love, and powry



That ever mortals knew,
That angels ever vore:

All are too mean
To speak his worth;

Too mean to set

My Saviour forth
2 But O what gentle terms,

What condescending ways,
Doth our Redeemer use,
To teach his heav'nly grace:

Mine eyes with joy
And wonder gee,

What forms of love

He bears for me.
3 Array'd in mortal flesh,

He like an angel stands,
And holds the promises
And pardons in his hands;

Commission'd fi'om
His Father's throne,

To make his grace

To mortals known.
$ Great Prophet of my God!

My tongue would bless thy name:
By thee the joyful news
Of our salvation came;

The joyful news
Of sin forgiv'n,

Of hell subdu'd,
And peace with heav'n.

L. M. 333. Holtness, Justice and Mercy United. I'm

lxxxv. 10. INFINITE grace! and can it be

That heaven's Supreme should stoop so low! To visit one so vile as I,

One who has been his bitt'rest foe! 2 Can holiness and wisdom join, With truth, with justice, and with grace,

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