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Whose anger is so slow to rise,

So ready to abate.
2 God will not always chide;

And, when his wrath is felt,
His strokes are fewer than our crimes,

And lighter than our guilt.
3 High as the heav'ns are raised

Åbove the ground we tread, So far the riches of his grace

Our highest thoughts exceed. 4 His grace subdues our sins;

And his forgiving love,
Far as the east is from the west;

Doth all our guilt remove. 5 The pity of the Lord

To those who fear his name, Is such as tender parents feel;

He knows our feeble frame. 6 Our days are as the grass,

Or like the morning flower!
If one sharp blast sweep o'er the field,

It withers in an hour.
7 But thy compassions, Lord,

To endless years endure;
And children's children ever find
Thy words of promise sure.

(31.) L. M. 37.

The glory of God. 1 sons of men, in sacred lays,

Attempt the great Creator's praise; But who an equal song can frame?

What verse can reach the lofty theme? 2 He sits enthron'd amidst the spheres,

And glory like a garment wears;
While boundless wisdom, pow'r, and grace,
Command our


3 Before his throne a shining band

Of cherubs and of seraphs stand;
Ethereal spirits, who in flight

Outstrip the rapid speed of light. 4 To God all nature owes its birth,

He form’d this pondrous globe of earth,
He raised the glorious arch on high,

And measur'd out the azure sky. 5 In all our Maker's grand designs,

Omnipotence with wisdom shines.
His works, through all this wondrous frame,

Bear the great impress of his name. • Rais'd on devotion's lofty wing,

Let us his high perfections sing.
O let his praise employ our tongue,
Whilst list’ning worlds applaud the song!

C. M. 38.

God is Love, 1 John, iv. 8.

MID the splendours of thy state,

My God, thy love appears With the soft radiance of the moon

Among a thousand stars. 2 Nature through all her ample round

Thy boundless power proclaims, And, in melodious accent, speak.

The goodness of thy names.
3 Thy justice, holiness, and truth,

Our solemn awe excite;
But the sweet charms of sovereign grace

O’erwhelm us with delight.
$ Sinai, in clouds, and smoke, and fire,

Thunders thy dreadful name;
But Sion sings, in melting notes,

The honours of the Lamb.
In all thy doctrines and commands,
Thy counsels and designs,


In ev'ry work thy hands have fram'd;

Thy love supremely shines.
6 Angels and men the news proclaim

Through earth and heaven above,
The joyful, the transporting news,
That God the Lord is Love!

L. M. 39.

A Song of Praise to God.
TO God, the universal King,

Let all mankind their tribute bring;
All that have breath, your voices raise,

In songs of never-ceasing praise.
2 The spacious earth on which we tread,

And wider heavens stretch'd o'er our head, A large and solemn temple frame

To celebrate its Builder's fame.
3 Here the bright sun, that rules the day,

As through the sky he makes his way,
To all the world proclaims aloud

The boundless sov’reignty of God.
4 When from his courts the sun retires,

And with the day his voice expires,
The moon and stars adopt the song,

And through the night the praise prolong. 5 The list’ning earth with rapture hears

The harmonious music of the spheres;
And all her tribes the notes repeat,

That God is wise, and good, and great. 6 But man, endow'd with nobler powers,

His God in nobler strains adores;
His is the gift to know the song,

As well as sing with tuneful tongue. 40.

(309.) L. M.

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But darkness veils seraphio eyes;

When God with all his glory's there. 2 Yet faith can pierce the awful gloom,

The great Invisible can see;
And with its tremblings mingle joy,

In fix'd regards, great God? to thee. 3 Then ev'ry tempting form of sin,

Aw'd by thy presence, disappears;
And all the glowing raptur'd soul

The likeness, it contemplates, wears. 4 0 ever conscious to my heart!

Witness to its supreme desire;
Behold it presses on to thee,

For it hath caught the heav'nly fire. 5 This one petition would I urge:

To bear thee ever in my sight!
In life, in death, in worlds unknown,

My only portion and delight.


C. M. 41. The Doctrine and Use of the Tornity

Eph. ii. 18.
FATHER of glory! to thy name

Immortal praise we give,
Who dost an act of grace proclaim,

And bid us rebels live.
2 Immortal honour to the Son,

Who makes thine anger cease;
Our lives he ransom'd with his

And died to make pur peace.
3 To thy Almighty Spirit be

Immortal glory, given,
Whose influence brings us near to thee,
And trains us up for heaven.

4 Let men, with their united voice,

Adore th' eternal God,
And spread his honours and their joys

Through nations far abroad.
5 Let faith, and love, and duty join,

One general song to raise;
Let saints in earth and heaven combine

In harmony and praise. 42.

L. M. A Song of Praise to the ever-blessed Trinden 1 BLESS'D be the Father and his love;

To whose celestial source we owe Rivers of endless joy above,

And rills of comfort here below. 2 Glory to thee, great Son of God,

From whose dear wounded body rolls
A precious stream of vital blood,

Pardon and life for dying souls.
8 We give the sacred Spirit praise,

Who in our hearts of sin and wo
Makes living springs of grace arise,

And into boundless glory flow.
4 Thus God the Father, God the Son,

And God the Spirit, we adore,
That sea of life and love unknown,
Without a bottom or a shore.

P. M. 43.

To the Trinity
HOLY, holy, holy Lord!

Self-existent Deity,
By the hosts of heaven ador'd,

Teach us how to worship thee:
Only uncreated mind,

Wonders in thy nature meet;
Perfect Unity combin'd

With Society complete.
2 All perfection dwells in thee,
Now to us obscurely known,

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