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5 To tents of wo, to beds of pain,

Our clieerful feet repair;
And, with the gifts thy hand bestows,

Relieve the mourners there.
6 The widow's heart shall sing for joy;

The orphan shall be glad;
And hungring souls we'll gladly point

To Christ the living bread.
7 Thus, passing through this vale of tears,

Oar useful light shall shine; And others learn to glorify

Qur Father's name divine,

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C. M. 355. Lively Hope and gracious Fear. II WAS a grovelling creature once,

And basely cleav'd to earth: I wanted spirit to renounce

The clod that gave me birth.
2 But God has breath'd upon a worm,

And sent me from above,
Wings, such as clothe an angel's form,

The wings of joy and love.
S With these to Pisgah's top I fly,

And there delighted stand,
To view beneath a shining sky

The spacious promis'd land. $ The Lord of all the vast domain

Has promis'd it to me;
The length and breadth of all the plain,
As far as faith can see.

How glorious is my privilege!

To thee for help I call;
I stand upon a mountain's edge,

Oh save me, lest I fall!
6 Though much exalted in the Lord,

My strength is not my own;
Then let me tremble at his word,

And none shall cast me down.

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S. M. 356. That which we have seen and heard

1 John i. 3. OW can a sinner know

His sins on earth forgiv'n? How can my gracious Saviour show

My nanie inscrib'd in heav'n! 2 What we have felt and seen

With confidence we tell;
And publish to the sons of men,

The signs infallible,
3 We who in Christ believe

That he for us hath died,
We all his unknown peace receive,

And feel his blood applied! 4 Exults our rising soul,

Deliver'd of her load, And swells unutterably full

Of glory and of God. 5

His love surpasses far

The love of all beneath,
We find within our hearts, and dare

The pointless darts of death. 6 Stronger than death or hell

The sacred pow'r we prove: And conqu’rors of the world we dwell lo heav'u who dwell in love.


(119.) P. M.

Jesus the anchor of the soul.
NOW I have found the ground wherein

Sure my soul's anchor may remain:
The love of God forgiving sin,
Through Jesus crucified and stain.
His mercy shall unshaken stay,

When heay'n and earth have pass’d away. 2 Father! thine everlasting grace

Our scanty thought surpasses far;
Thine heart still melts with tenderness,
Thine arms of love still open are;
And Jesus' blood, through earth and skies,
Mercy, free, bounr'less mercy,

3 Tho' waves and storms go o'er my head,

Tho' strength and health and friends be gones
Tho' joys be wither'd all and dead,
Tho' ev'ry comfort be withdrawn:
On this my steadfast soul relies,
Father, thy mercy never dies.
Fix'd on this ground will I remain,
Tho' my heart fail and strength decay.
This anchor shall my soul sustain,
When earth's foundations melt away.
Mercy's full pow'r I then shall prove,
Lov'd with an everlasting love.

P. M. 358.

Conversion. Jer. xxxi. 3. ION the brink of fi’ry ruin,

Justice, with a flaming sword, Was my guilty soul pursuing

When I first beheld my Lord. 2 [Terrify'd with Sinai's thunder,

Straight I flew to Calvary,
Where 9 saw with love and wonder,
Him by faith

3 “Sinner,” he exclaim'd, “ I've lov'd thos

With an everlasting love;
Justice has in me approv'd thec;

1 Thou shalt dwell with me above." Sweet a$ angels' notes in heaven,

When to golden harps they sound,
Ís the voice of sins forgiven,

To the soul by satan bound.
$ Sweet as angels' harps in glory,

Was that heavenly voice to me;
When I saw my Lord before me

Bleed and die to set me free! 6 Saints, attend with holy wonder!

Sinners, hear and sing his praise!
is the God that holds the thunder
Shows himself the God of grace!


L M.
"I FAR a voice that comes from fars

From Calvary it sounds abroad;
It sooths my soul, and calms my fear:

It speaks of pardon bought with blooda 9 And is it true, that many fly

The sound that bids my soul rejoices And rather choose in sin to die,

Than turn an ear to mercy's voice! 8 Alas, for those!--the day is near,

When mercy will be heard no morés Then will they ask in vain to hear

The voice they would not hear befotte With such, I own, I once appear'd,

But now I know how great thcir loss; For sweeter sounds were never heard Than mercy utters from the cross.


(255.) C. M.

The joy of conversion from sin. 1 W! THEN God reveal'd his gracious name,

And chang'd my mournful state, My rapture seem'd a pleasing dream, The

grace appear'd so great. 2 The world beheld the glorious change,

And did thy hand confess; My tongue broke out in unknown strains.

And sung surprising grace. 3. “Great is the work,” my neighbours cried,

And own’d thy pow'r divine;
“Great is the work,” my heart replied,

“And be the glory thine.”
4 The Lord can clear the darkest skies,

Can give us day for night;
Make drops of sacred sorrow rise

To rivers of delight.
5 Let those, that sow in sadness, wait

Till the fair harvest come;
They shall confess their sheaves are greut,

And shout the blessings home.



(256.) S. M.

The pleasures of Conversion. 1

various and how new
Are thy compassions, Lord!
Each morning shall thy mercies shew,

Each night thy love record. 2 Thy goodness, like the sun,

Dawn'd on our early days,
Ere infant reason had begun

To form our lips to praise.
S Each object we beheld

Gave pleasure to our eyes;
And nature all our senses held
In bands of sweet surprises

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