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Three in-one, and one in three,

Great Jehovah, God alone! Be our all, O Lord divine!

Father, Saviour, Vital Breath! Body, spirit, soul be thine,

Now, and at, and after death! Glorious, thou, in holiness,

Father didst thy rights maintain; Truth and grace at once express,

When thy only Son was slain: Here is deepest wisdom seen;

Here the richest stores of grace; Mildest lore, and vengeance keen;

O how bright their mingled rays! 4 Fearful thou in praises too,

Loving Saviour, slaughter'd Lamb! We with joy and reverence view

All thy glory, all thy shame! Be thy death the death of sín,

Be thy life the sinner's plea; Save

rule within, Prophet, Priest, and King to me.

teach me, me,

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(1.) L. M. 44.Praise to God as the Creator and Preserver. 1 BEFORE Jehovah's awful throne,

Ye nations bow with sacred joy: Know that the Lord is God alone;

He can create, and he destroy.
2 His sov'reign pow'r, without our aid,

Made us of clay, and form'd us men,
And when like wand'ring sheep we stray'd,

He brought us to his fold again.
3 We are his people, we his care,
Dur souls and all our mortal frame:

What lasting honours shall we rear,

Almighty Maker, to thy name? 4 We'll crowd thy gates with thankful songs;

High as the Heav'ns our voices raise; And earth, with her ten thousand tongues,

Shall fill thy courts with sounding praise. 5 Wide as the world is thy command;

Vast as eternity thy love; Firm as a rock thy truth must stand, When rolling years shall cease to move.

(3.) C. M.

Praise to God for Preservation 45.

and Redemption. 1 YE E humble souls, approach your God With songs

of sacred praise; For He is good, immensely good,

And kind are all his ways.
2 All nature owns his guardian care;

In him we live and move:
But nobler benefits declare

The wonders of his love.
3 He gave his Son, his only Son,

To ransom rebel worms.
Tis here he makes his goodness known

In its diviner forms.
4 To this dear refuge, Lord, we come;

'Tis here our hope relies;
A. safe defence, a peaceful home,

When storms of trouble risc.
5 Thine eye beholds with kind regard

The souls who trust in thee;
Their humble hope thou wilt reward

With bliss divinely free.
6 Great God, to thy almighty love

What honours shall we raise

Not all the raptur'd songs above
Can render equal praise.

(5) L. M 46.

Praise for the Mercies of God.
GIVE to our God immortal praise !

Mercy and truth are all his ways.
Wonders of grace to God belong:

Repeat his mercies in your song.
2 Give to the Lord of lords renown,

The King of kings with glory crown.
His mercies ever shall endure,

When lords and kings are known no more: 3 He built the earth, he spread the sky,

And fix'd the starry lights on high.
Wonders of grace to God belong:

Repeat his mercies in your song.
4 He fills the sun with morning light;

He bids the moon direct the night.
His mercies ever shall endure,

When suns and moons shall shine no more. 5 He sent his Son with pow'r to save

From guilt, and darkness, and the grave. Wonders of grace to God belong:

Repeat his mercies in your song. 6 Through this vain world he guides our feet,

And leads us to his heav'nly seat.
His mercies ever shall endure,

When this vain world shall be no more. 47.

(7.) P. M. 1

I'LL praise my Maker, whilst I've breath;

And, when my voice is lost in death,
Praise shall employ my nobler pow'rs.
My days of praise shall ne'er be past
Whilst life and ght and being last,
Or immortality endures.

2 Happy the man whose hopes rely
On Israel's God, who made the sky,

And earth, and seas, with all their train.
His truth for ever stands secure;
He saves th’ oppress’d, he feeds the poor;

And none shall find his promise vain. 3 The Lord pours eye-sight on the blind; The Lord supports the fainting mind;

He sends the lab’ring conscience peace; He helps the stranger in distress, The widow and the fatherless,

And grants the pris’ner sweet release. 4 1'll praise him, while he lends me breath; And, when my voice is lost in death,

Praise shall employ my nobler pow'rs. My days of praise shall ne'er be past, Whilst life and thought and being last,

Or immortality endures. 48.


P. M
To your Creator God,

Your great Preserver, raise,
Ye creatures of his hand,
Your highest notes of praise.

Let ev'ry voice
Proclaim his pow'r,
His name adore,

And loud rejoice.
2 Thou source of light and heat,

Bright sov’reign of the day,
Dispensing blessings round,
With all-diffusive ray;

From morn to night,
With ev'ry beam,
Record his name,

Who made thee bright.
3 Fair regent of the night,
With all thy starry train,

Wnich rise in silent hosts,
To gild the azure plain;

With cortless rays
Declare his name,
Prolong the theme,

Reflect his praise.
4 Let all the creatures join

To celebrate his name,
And all their various pow'rs
Assist th' exalted theme.

Let nature raise
From ev'ry tongue
A general song

Of grateful praise.
5 But oh! from human tongues

Should nobler praises flow;
And ev'ry thankful heart
With warm devotion glow.

Your voices raise,
Ye highly blest
Above the rest;

Declare his praise.


(10.) P. M. 1 GLORY be to God on high,

God, whose glory fills the sky;
Peace on earth to man forgiv'n,
Man, the well belov'd of heaven.

Glory be to God on high,

God, whose glory fills the sky. 2 Favour'd mortals, raise the song;

Endless thanks to God belong;
Hearts o'erflowing with his praise,
Join the hymns your voices raise:

Glory be, &c. & Call the tribes of beings round, From creation's utmost bound;

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