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Tell me, my Saviour, who am I,

That I should see thy face?
3 Form’d by thine hand, and form’d for thee,

I would be ever thine:
My Saviour, make my spirit free,

With beams of mercy shine.
4 Fain would my soul with rapture dwell

On thy redeeming grace;
O for a thousand tongues to tell

My dear Redeemer's praise.



L. M. 490. The Enjoyment of Christ ; or, Delight in

Worship 1

from my thoughts, vain world, begone, Let my religious hours alone: Fain would my eyes my Saviour see,

I wait a visit, Lord, from thee.
2 My heart grows warm with holy fire,

And kindles with a pure desire:
Come, my dear Jesus, from above,

And feed my soul with heavenly lore. 3 Bless'd Jesus, what delicious fare!

How sweet thy entertainments are!
Never did angels taste above

Redeeming grace, and dying love. 4 Hail, great Immanuel, all divine,

In thee thy Father's glories shine;
Thou brightest, sweetest, fairest one,
eyes have seen, or angels known

L. M.
491. The Happiness of humble Worshap.

Psalm lxxxiv. 119

OW lovely, how divinely sweet,
O Lord, thy sacral courts appear!

Fain would my longing passions meet

The glories of thy presence there.
2 0, blest the men, blest their employ,

Whom thy indulgent favours raise
To dwell in those abodes of joy,

And sing thy never-ceasing praise. 3 One day within thy sacred gate

Affords more real joy to me,
Than thousands in the tents of state;

The meanest place is bliss with thee.
A God is a sun ; our brightest day

From his reviving presence flows;
God is a shield, through all the way,

To guard us from surrounding foes. 5 O Lord of hosts, thou God of grace,

How blest, divinely blest, is he,
Who trusts thy love, and seeks thy face,
And fixes all his hopes on thee!

L. M. 492. To be sung between prayer and sermon. 1 WHERE two or three, with sweet accord,

Obedient to their sovereign Lord, Meet to recount his acts of grace,

And offer solemn prayer and praise;
8“ There," says the Saviour, “ will I be,

Amid this little company;
To them unveil my smiling face,

And shed my glories round the place.” 3 We meet at thy command, dear Lord,

Relying on thy faithful word:
Now send thy Spirit from above,
Now fill our hearts with heavenly love.

C. M. 493.

For christian worship.
O LORD, our languid souls inspire,
For here we trust thou art!

Send dowu a coal of heav'nly fire

To warm each waiting heart.
2 Show us some tokens of thy love,

Our fainting hope to raise;
And pour thy blessing from above,

That we may render praise.
3 Within these walls let holy praise,

And love and concord dwell:
Hiere give the troubled conscience ease

The wounded spirit heal.
A T'he feeling heart, the melting eye,

T'he humble mind bestow;
And shine upon us from on high,

To make our graces grow.
5 May we in faith receive thy word,

In faith present our pray’rs;
And in the presence of our Lord,

Unbosom all our cares.
6 And may the gospel's joyful sound,

Enforc'd by mighty grace,
Awaken sinners all around
To come and fill the place.

L. M. 494.

Before Sermon. 1 THY presence, gracious God, afford,

Prepare us to receive thy word:
Now let thy voice engage our ear,

And faith be mixt with what we hear: 2 Distracting thoughts and cares remove

And fix our hearts and hopes above:
With food divine may we be fed,

And satisfied with living bread. 3 To us the sacred word apply,

With sovereign power and energy;
And may we, in thy faith and fear,
Reduce to practice


4 Father, in us thy Son reveal;

Teach us to know and do thy will:
Thy saving power and love display;
And guide us to the realms of day.

C. M.

Before Sermon. 1 JESUS, thou dear redeeming Lord,

Thy blessing we implore.
Open the door to preach thy word,

The great, effectual door.
9 Gather the outcasts in, and save

From sin and satan's power!
And let them now acceptance have,

And know their gracious hour.
3 Lover of souls! thou know'st to prize

What thou hast bought so dear;
Come then, and in thy people's eyes

With all thy wounds appear! 9 Appear, as when

of old confest The suffering Son of God; And let us see thee in thy vest

But newly dipt in blood. 5 The hardness of our hearts remove,

Thou who for sin hast died; Show us the tokens of thy love, Thy feet, thy hands, thy side.

C. M. 496.

Prayer for the Spirit's Influence. * In thy great name, O Lord, we come,

pour thy Holy Spirit down

On all that now shall meet.
2 We come to hear Jehovah speak,

To hear the Saviour's voice:
Thy face and favour, Lord, we seek,
Now make our hearts rejoice,

3 Teach us to pray, and praise, and hear,

And understand thy word;
To feel thy blissful presence near,

And trust our living Lord.
Here let thy pow'r and grace be felt;

Thy love and mercy known;
Our icy hearts, dear Jesus, melt,

And break this flinty stone. 5 Let sinners, Lord, thy goodness prove,

And saints rejoice in thee;
Let rebels be subdu'd by love,

And to the Saviour flee.
6 This house with grace and glory fill,

This congregation bless;
Thy great salvation now reveal;

Thy glorious righteousness.

P. M. 497. Humble Request. Jer. xxix. 15. 1 LORD, we come before thee now,

At thy feet we humbly bow;
O do not our suit disdain;

Shall we seek thee, Lord, in vain? 2 In thire own appointed way,

Now we seek thee, here we stay;
Lord, we cannot let thee go,

'Till a blessing thou bestow.
8 Send some message from thy word,

That may joy and peace afford;
Let thy Spirit now impart
Full salvation to each heart.
Comfort those who weep and njourn,
Let the time of joy return;
Those who are cast down, lift up;

Make them strong in faith and hope. 5 Grant that all may seek and find Thee a God supremely kind;

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