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And more that energy afford,

A Saviour's death alone can give. $ Nor let thy spreading gospel rest,

Till through the world thy truth has run,
Till with this bread all men be blest

Who see the light or feel the sun! 527.

(397.) C. M.
" PITY the nations, 0 our God!

Constrain the earth to come;
Send thy victorious word abroad,

And bring the strangers home. % We long to see thy churches full,

That all thy faithful race
May, with one voice, and heart, and soul,

Sing thy redeeming grace.





(175.) L. M.
Effusion of the Spirit on the day of

GREAT was the day, the joy was great,

When the divine disciples met;
While on their heads the Spirit came,

And sat like tongues of cloven flame. 9 What gifts, what miracles he gave!

And pow'r to kill, and pow'r to save! Furnish'd their tongues with wondrous words,

Instead of shields, and spears, and swords. s Nations, the learned and the rude,

Were by these heav'nly arms subdu’d,
The heathens saw thy glory, Lord!
And, wond'ring, bless'd thy gracions word


$ Come the great day, the glorious hour,

When all shall feel thy saving pow'r,
And the whole race of inan confess
The beauty of thy holiness!

(177.) L. M. 529. The kingdom of Christ skall cover

earth. 1 JESUS shall reign, where'er the sun

Does his successive journies run; His kivgdom stretch froni shore to shon

Till moons shall wax and wane no more 2 l'cople and realms of ev'ry tongue Dwell on his love with grateful song; And with united hearts proclaim,

That grace and truth by Jesus came. 3 Blessings abound where'er he rcigns;

The pris'ner leaps to loose his chains; The weary find eternal rest,

And all the sons of want are blest.
4 Where he displays his healing pow's,

The sting of death is known no more:
In him the sons of Adam boast
More blessings than their father lost.

P. M. 530.

Rev. xiv. 2, S. 1 HA

ARK! the song of Jubilee,

Loud as miglity thunders roar, Or the fulness of the sea,

When it breaks upon the shore: Hallelujah! for the Lord,

God omnipotent, shall reign; Hallelujah! let the word

Echo round the earth and main. Hallelujah! hark! the sound,

From the depth unto the skies Wakes above, beneath, around,

All creation's liarmonies:


See Jehovah's banner fur'd,

Sheath'd his sword: he speakstis done; And the kingdoms of this world

Are the kingdoms of his Son, 8 He shall reign from pole to pole

With illimitable sway:
He shall reign, when like a scroll

Yonder heav'ns have pass'd away:
Then the end;-beneath his rod

Man's last enemy shall fall;
Ilallelujah! Christ in God,
God in Christ, is all in all.

L. M. 531. The Universal Reign of Christ. Rev,

xi. 15, and xiv, S. | HARK! what triumphant strains are these,

? “ To Jesus once on Calvary slain,

The kingdoms of the earth are given.” 2 Hark! the new song before the throne,

Which only the redeem'd can raise; Angels may tune their golden harps, Bu

cannot reach these notes of praise. 3 They worship our cxalted Lord,

And hail him universal King;
But saints—the purchase of his blood,

Can strike a sweeter, nobler string. - The wonders of his dying love.

Their hallelujahs loud proclaim, While with extatic joy they shout

New honour's to his sacred name. s From every kindred, every tongue,

From barbarous nations long unknown, From polish'd Greeks and Scythians rudea

A countless host surround the throne, 6 In robes of spotless white array'd, And palms of victory in their hand,

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With holy wonder and delight,

The trophies of his grace they stand. [And still till time shall be no more,

The mighty concourse shall increase;
And Jesus gain, in heathen lands,
New subjects of the reign of peace.)

(180.) C. M. 532. Desire for the spread of the gospe!.

"REAT God! the nations of the earth

Are by creation thine;
And in thy works, by all beheld,

T'hy radiant glories shine.
2 But, Lord, thy greater love has sent

Thy gospel to mankind, Unveiling what rich stores of grace

Are treasur'd in thy mind. 3 Lord! when shall these glad tidings spread

The spacious earth around,
Till ev'ry tribe, and ev'ry soul

Shall hear the joyful sound? 4 O when shall Afric's sable sons

Enjoy the heav'nly word,
And vassals long enslav'd become

The freemen of the Lord? 5 When shall th’untutor'd heathen tribes,

A dark bewilder'd race,
Sit down at our Immanuel's feet,

And learn and feel his grace?
6 Haste, sov’reign mercy, and transform

Their cruelty to love;
Soften the tiger to a lamb,

The ndture to a dove.
T Smile, Lord, on each divine attempt

To spread the gospel's rays;
And build, on sin's demolish'd throne,
The temples


P. M. 533,

Ps. Ixxxvii. 3. Isa. xxxiii. 20, 21.
GLORIOUS things of thee are spoken,

Zion, city of our God;
He, whose word cannot be broken,

Form'd thee for his own abode:
On the rock of ages founded,

What can shake thy sure repose?
With salvation's walls surrounded,

Thou may'st smile at all thy foes. g See, the streams of living waters,

Springing from eternal love,
Well supply thy sons and daughters,

And all fear of want remove:
Who can faint while such a river

Ever flows thy thirst t' assuage?
Grace which, like the Lord, the giver

Never fails from age to age. 3 Round each habitation hov'ring,

See the cloud and fire appear! For a glory and a cov'ring,

Showing that the Lord is near:
Thus deriving from their banner

Light by night and shade by day,
Safe they feed upon the manna
Which he gives them when they pray

P. M. 534.

Kingdom of Christ.
REJOICE, the Saviour reigns

Among the sons of men;
He breaks tbe pris'ners chains,

And makes them free again:
Let hell oppose God's only Son,

In spite of foes his cause goes 01. 2

The baffled prince of hell
In vain new projects tries,
The gospel to repel,
By cruelties and lies:

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