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6 The glory of the Lord display d

Shall all mankind together view,
And what his mouth and truth hath said,

His own almighty hand shall do.

L. M. 548.

Spread of the Gospel. 1 BRIGHT as the sun's meridian blaze,

Vast as the blessings he conveys, Wide as his reign from pole to pole,

And permanent as his control.
2 So, Jesus, let thy kingdom come,

Then sin and hell's terrific gloom
Shall, at his brightness, flee away,

The dawn of an eternal day.
3 Then shall the heathen, fill’d with awe,

Learn the blest knowledge of thy law:
And antichrist on ev'ry shore,

Fall from his throne to rise no more.' + Then shall thy lofty praise resound

On Afric's shores—thro’India's ground;
And islands of the southern sea

Shall stretch their eager arms to thee. 5 Then shall the Jew and Gentile meet

In pure devotion at thy feet:
And earth shall yield thee, as thy due,

Her fulness and her glory too.
6 O that from Zion now might shine

This heavenly light, this truth divine;
Till the whole universe shall be
But one great temple, Lord, to thee.

L. M. 549.

Missionary Exertions; or, Christ proclaimed to the World. Is. lxii. 10-12. GO O through the gales ('tis God commands Workers

Remove whate'er his work withstands,

Prepare, prepare his people's way. 2 Lift up for all mankind to see

T'he standard of their Saviour God,
Anil point them to the shameful tree,

T'he cross all stain'd with hallow'd blood. 3 Sion, thy suffering Prince behold,

Thy Saviour and Salvation too,
He comes, he comes, so long foretold,

Cloth'd in a vest of bloody hue.

prepares his people's hearts,
Breaks and binds up, and wounds and heals,
A mystic death and life imparts,

Enrpties the full, the emptied fills. 5 lle fills whom first he hath prepard,

With him all needful grace is given, Himself is here their great reward, Their future and their present hearents

P. M. 550.

Farewell to Missionaries.
Go ye heralds of salvation,

Go, proclaim 'Redeeming blood;
Publish to each barb'rous nation,
Peace and pardon from our God:

Tell the heathen,
None but Christ can do them good.
2 While the gospel trump you're sounding,

May the Spirit seal the word,
And, thro'plenteous grace abounding,
Heathen bow and own the Lord;

Idols leaving,
God alone shall be ador'd.
3 Distant tho our souls are blending

Still our hearts are warm and trues In our pray’rs to heav'n ascending, Brethren-we'll remember you:

Heav'n preserve you, Safely all your journey through. 4 When your mission here is finish'u,

And your work on earth is done, May your souls, by grace replenish'h, Find acceptance thro’ the Son;

'T'hence admittel, Dwell for ever near his throne. 5 Loud hosannas now resounding,

Make the heavenly arches ring:
Grace to sinful men abounding,
Ransom’d millions sweetly sing;

While, with rapture,
All adore their heav'nly King.

C. M. 551. The Missionaries' farewell. 1 K INDRED, and frienils, and native land

How shall we say farewell?
llow, when our swelling sails expand,

How will our bosoms swell!
2 Yes, nature, all thy soft delights,

And tender ties we know;
But love, more strong than death, unites

To Him that hids us go.
3 Thus, when our ev'ry passion mov'd,

The gushing tear-irop' starts;
The cause of Jesus more belov'd,

Shall glow within our hearts. 4 The sighs we breathe for precious souls,

Where IIe is yet unknown,
Might waft us to the distant poles,

Or to the buirning zone. 5 With the warm wish our bosoms swell,

Our glowing pow'rs expand; Farewell—then we can say,–Farewell, Our friends, our native land!

S. M. 552.0

· Ordination anel departure of Missionanci
YE E Messengers of Christ,

His sov'reign voice obey:
Arise! and follow where he leads,

And peace attend your way.
2 The Master, whom you serve,

Will needful strength bestow;
Depending on his promis'd aid,

With sacred courage go.
3 Mountains shall sink to plains,

And hell in vain oppose;
The cause is God's, and must prevail,

In spite of all his foes.
4 Go, spread a Saviour's fame;

And tell his matchless grace To the most guilty and deprav'il

Of Adam's num'rous race. 5 We wish you, in his name,

The most divine success;
Assur'd that he who sends yon forth

Will your endeavours tless,

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L. M. .)53.

Prayer for Israel. "FATHER of faithful Abra’m, hear

Our earnest suit for Abra’m's seed, Justly they claim the softest pray’r

From those adopted in their stead. 2 Outcast from thee, and -scatter'd wide

Thro' ev'ry nation under heav'n, Rejecting whom they crucified,

Unsav'd, unpity'd, unforgiv'n.
But hast thou finally forsook,

For ever cast ihy own away?
No-thou wilt bid them turn and look
On him they pierc'd, and mourn and pray.


4 Come then, thou great Deliv’rer, come,

The veil from Jacob's heart remove;
Receive thy ancient people home,
That they may sing redeeming love.

L. M. 554. Pleading for the Conversion of the Je zout * SHEPHERD of Israel, thou didst lead

Thy chosen flock the desert through, And from between the cherubim

Thy mercy and thy favour show. 2 And though their sins provoked thee oft,

To give them to their foes a prey, Yet didst thou, for thy mercy sake

As often turn thy wrath away. 3 But, ah! they fill'd the measure up

of all their aggravated guilt, When on the hill of Calvary

The blood of thine own Son they spilt. $ And now for ages they have been

Cast out and banish'd from thy sight, Wandering through all the earth, as those

In whom thou hast no more deligh.. 5 Yet is thy word of promise sure,

That they shall be again restor'd, And with the gentile church unite

To worship and to serve the Lord. 6 Our faith in expectation waits,

To see that glorious morning rise,
O bid the shadows flee away,
And satisfy our longing eyes.


P. M. 555. For meetings of theological students or of

ministers. BAND of brethren, who are given To the Lamb of Calvary,


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