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Lord, let the gospel-trumpet blow,
And call the nations from afar,
Let all the isles their Saviour know,

And earth's remotest ends draw near. 5 Let Babylon's proud altars shake,

And light invade her darkest glooni;
The yoke of iron bondage break,

The yoke of Satan and of Rome.
6 On all our souls let grace descend,

Like heavenly dew in copious showers,
That we may call our God our friend,

That we may hail salvation ours.
7 Then shall each age and rank agree,

United shouts of joy to raise:
And Zion made a praise by thee,
To thee shall render back the praise:


C. M. 583.

Luke. xv. 10. 104,

how divine, how sweet the joy, And with an humble, broken heart,

His sins and errors mourns!

9 Pleas'd with the news the saints below,

In songs their tongues employ;
Beyond the skies the tidings go,

Ånd heaven is fill’d with joy. $ Well pleas'd the Father sees and hearg

The conscious sinner's moan;
Jesus receives him in his arms,

And claims him for his own.
4 Nor angels can their joys contain,

But kindle with new fire: 1. The sinner lost is found,” they sing And strike the sounding lyre.


C. M.
' CONVINCOD of sin, men now begin

To call upon the Lord;
Trembling they pray, and mourn the day

In which they scorn'd his word. 2 Young converts sing, and praise their King

And bless God's holy name; While older saints leave their complaints,

And joy to join the theme. 3 God's chariot rolls, and frights the souls

Of those who hate the truth: And saints in pray’r cry, “Lord, draw near,

Have mercy on the youth:-
4“ From this glad hour exert thy pow'r,

And melt each stubborn heart;
In those that bleed, let love succeed,

And holy joys impart.”
5 Come, sinners, all, hear now God's call,

And pray with one accord: Saints, raise your songs, with joyful tongues, To hail th' approaching Lord.

P. M. 585.

Isa. lii. 7.
On the mountain's top appearing,

Lo, the sacred herald stands;
Welcome news to Zion bearing,
Zion long in hostile lands:

Mourning captive,
God himself will loose thy bands.
2 Has thy night been long and mournful,

All thy friends unfaithful prov'?
Have thy foes been proud and scornful,
By thy sighs and tears unmov'd?

Cease thy mourning,
Zion still is well belov'd.


3 Gd, thy God, will now restore thee!

lle himself appears thy friend: All thy foes shall flee before thee, Here their boasts and triumphs end:

Great deliv'rance
Zion's King vouchsafes to send.
Peace and joy shall now attend thee,

All thy warfare now is past,
God, thy Saviour, shall defend thee,
Peace and joy are come at last;

All thy conflicts
End in everlasting rest.



OW we hail the happy dawning

Of the Gospel's glorious light,
May it take the wings of morning,
And dispel the shades of night;

Blessed Saviour, Let our eyes behold the sight. 2 Where, amid the desert dreary,

Plant, nor shrub, nor flowret grows, There refresh the wand'rer weary, With the sight of Sharou's Rose,

And its beauties To the longing eye disclose. 3 Where the beasts of prey are prowling,

And the murd'rous serpents hiss, There exchange the dismal howling For the pleasing calm of peace;

And for ever May destruction's empire cease. 4 Oh, let all the world adore thee

Úniversal be thy fame;
Kings and subjects fall before thee,
And extol thy matchless name;

All ascribing
Endless praises to the Lamb.

P. M. 587.

Isaiah lii. 10. 1 YES! we trust the day is breaking;

Joyful times are near at hand. God, the mighty God, is speaking By his word in ev'ry land:

When he chooses, Darkness flies at his command. 2 Let us hail the joyful season;

Let us hail the dawning ray:
When the Lord appears, there's l'eason
To expect a glorious day:

At his presence
Gloom and darkness flee away.
3 While the foe becomes more daring;

While he enters like a flood;
God, the Saviour, is preparing
Means to spread his truth abroad;

Ev'ry language Soon shall tell the love of God. 4 God of Jacob, high and glorious,

Let thy people see thy hand;
Let the gospel be victorious,
the world in ev'ry land:

And the idols
Perish, Lord, at thy command.



L. M. 588.

Prayer for opposers of revivalo. 1 BLEST Lord, behold the guilty scorn

Of those who hate and mock our praise; Pity their state, and make them turn,

No more to walk in sinful ways. 2 Anxious we see their wretched state,

Who never think of heav'n or hell;


They laugh and sport, and court the gate,

Which opes where endless terrors dwell. 3 Lead them to view a sinful heart,

A soul all enmity to thee,
Destroy'd, defil'd in every part,

Too proud to bow, too blind to see. « Lead them to view a holy law,

Which justly dooms to endless death,
To feel that guilt which Jesus saw,

And pray'd, Forgive,' with dying breath. 5 Open their eyes, unstop their ears,

To hear condemning justice sound;
Lord, change their hearts, and then their lears
Will witness grief to all around.

L. M.

Admitting a Member.
BROTHER in Christ, and well-belov’d,

To Jesus and his servants dear,
Enter, and show thyself approv’d;

Enter, and find that God is here.
2 Welcome from earth!-lo, the right hand

Of fellowship to thee we give! With open arms and hearts we stand,

And thee in Jesus' name receive. Say, is thy heart resolv'd as ours?

Then let it burn with sacred love: Then let it taste the heavenly powers,

Partaker of the joys above. 4 Jesus, attend, thyself reveal,

Are we not met in thy great name? Thee in the midst we wait to feel,

We wait to catch the spreading flame. 3 Truly our fellowship below With thee, and with the Father isz

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