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What can my poverty bestow,

When all the worlds are thine?
3 But thou hast brethren here below,

The partners of thy grace;
And wilt eonfess their humble names

Before thy Father's face.
4 In them thou may'st be cloth'd and fed,

And visited and eheer'd;
And in their accents of distress,

My Saviour's voice is heard.
5 Thy face, with rey'rence and with love,

We in thy poor would see; () let us rather beg our bread

Than keep it back from thee.


C. M. 666. The Importance of Educating Youtta 1 BLEST is the man whose heart expando

At melting pitý's call,
And the rich blessings of whose hands

Like heavenly manna fall.
2 Mercy, descending from above,

In softest accents pleads;
0! may each tender bosom more

Wher mercy intercedes.
3 Be ours the bliss in wisdom's way

To guide untutor'd youth,
And lead the mind that went astray

To virtue and to truth.
* Children our kind protection claim,

And God will well approve,
When infants learn to lisp his name;

And their Creator love.
9 Delightful work! young souls to win;

And turn the rising raee


From the deceitful paths of sin.

To seek redeeming grace.
6 Almighty God! thy influencc shed

To aid this good design:
The honours of thy name be spreas,
And all the glory thine,

L. M. 667.

The sain.

Congregation. 1 Now let cur hearts conspire to raise

A cheerful anthem to thy praise: Let music, sweet as incense, risc With grateful odours to the skies,

2 Teach us to bow before thy free;

Nor let our hearts forget thy grace;
When lost in ignorance we lay,
Thy goodness snatch'd our souls away

$ ( what a num'rous race we se,

In ignorance and misery!
Shail they continue still to lie
In ignorance and misery?

s Give, Lord, each liberal soul to prove

The joys of thine exhaustless love;
May we the sacred scriptures know,
And like the blessed Jesus grow.

Congregation. 5 We feel a sympathizing heart;

Lord, 'tis a pleasure to impart,
Hear thou our cry, and pitying see,
O let these children live to thee.

L. M. 668.

Sunday School.

Congregation. ! , Which we would to thy honour raise;

Bless our attempts to spread abroad
The knowledge of our Saviour God.

2 Next to our God, our thanks are due

To those who did compassion show,
In kindly pointing out the road,
That leads to Christ, the way to God.

3 We claim no merit of our own;

Great God, the work is thine alone!
Thou didst at first our hearts incline
'To carry on this great design.

4 Now we are taught to read and pray,

To hear God's word, to keep his day;
Lord, here accept the thanks we bringo
Our infant tongues thy praise would sing

5 With those dear children, we'll unite;

Their songs inspire us with delight;
Lord, while on earth we sing thy love,
May angels join the notes above.

6 Great God, our benefactors bless,

And crown thy work with great success;

O may we meet around thy throne,
To sing thy praise in strains unknown.

L. M. 669.

Sunday School

Congregution. ! O WHAT a pleasure 'tis to see

Christians in harmony agree, To teach the rising race to know They're born in

Children 8 O what a privilege is this,

That we obtain so rich a grace!
We're taught the path to endless day-
We're taught to read, to sing, and pray.

To God let highest praise be giv'n;
Hark! how the echo sourds from heaven
Come, let us with the angels join-
Glory to God, good will to men.

3 Lord, thou hast said, in sacred page,

That children are thy heritage:
Accept them, bless them with thy grace,
Till they above behold thy face.

Let blessings in abundance flow
On all around us here below;'
May we our benefactors meet,
Around Jehovah's blissful seat,

To God, let highest praise be givin,
Hark! how, &c.

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C. M. 670.

Sunday School.

Boys. 1 ONCE more we keep the sacred day

That saw the Saviour rise; Once more ve tune our infant song To him that rules the skies.

% What numbers vainly spend these hours,

That are to Jesus due!
Children and parents, how they live!
And how they perish too!

3 But we, a happier few, are taught

The ways of heavenly truth;
We hail once more the plan of love
That pities wand'ring youth.

& Our foolish hearts are prone to ert;

Too oft we find it so; 0 may

the God of grace forgive, And better hearts bestow.

Boys. 5 Teach us the way, while here we learn

To read thy holy word;
Bless all the kind instructions gir'n,
And make us thine, O Lord,

Both. 6 Praise to our God, and thanks to those

Who thus our souls befriend;
While the rich benefit we reap,
On them thy blessing send,

S. M. 671.

Sunday School,

| LORD, in the days of youth

May we in grace improve;
And learn the word of sacred trutlı,
The Saviour's dying love!

9 Our moments haste away,

With ev'ry heaving breath;
And swiftly hastens on the day,
When we must sink in death.

While some are never taught
The way of God with care;
We bless the Lord that we are brought
To this thine house of pray’r.

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