Chips from a German Workshop: Essays on literature, biography, and antiquities

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C. Scribner's sons, 1889

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Pagina 56 - Mbelunge, as it was written down at the end of the twelfth or the beginning of the thirteenth century, is sorrow after joy.
Pagina 191 - St. Louis and his companions, as described by JoinvilLe, not only in their glistening armour, but in their every-day attire, are brought nearer to us, become intelligible to us, and teach us lessons of humanity which we can learn from men only, and not from saints and heroes. Here lies the real value of real history. It widens our minds and our hearts, and...
Pagina 191 - It widens our minds and our hearts, and gives us that true knowledge of the world and of human nature in all its phases which but few can gain in the short span of their own life, and in the narrow sphere of their friends and enemies. We can hardly imagine a better book for boys to read or for men to ponder over."— -Times.
Pagina 259 - The country people flock from all sides, many miles off, to hear and see it ; for they have therein devils and devices, to delight as well the eye as the eare ; the players conne not their parts without booke, but are prompted by one called the ordinary, who followeth at their back with the book in his hand, and telleth them softly what they must pronounce aloud.
Pagina 244 - Item, we will not receive the new service because it is but like a Christmas game, but we will have our old service of mattins, mass, evensong, and procession in Latin not in English, as it was before. And so we the Cornishmen (whereof certain of us understand no English) utterly refuse this new English.
Pagina 259 - Romanes vetus Comedia. For representing it, they raise an earthen amphitheatre in some open field, having the Diameter of his enclosed playne some 40 or 50 foot. The Country people flock from all sides, many miles off to hear and see it ; for they have therein devils and devices, to delight as well the eye as the eare...
Pagina 244 - In Cornwall is two speches, the one is naughty Englysshe, and the other is Cornysshe speche. And there be many men and women the which cannot speake one worde of Englysshe, but all Cornyshe.
Pagina 57 - And she rushes to her mother Ute, that she may read the dream for her ; and her mother tells her what it means. And then the coy maiden answers : — "No more, no more, dear mother, say, From many a woman's fortune this truth is clear as day, That falsely smiling Pleasure with Pain requites us ever. I from both will keep me, and thus will sorrow never.

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