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and Designs of thofe who Address, and the several Dispositions of the Persons Addressed to, are of very different Natureş and Importance.

ONE Author whose Talent is Wit and Eloquence, endeavours to display it by Muftring up the Honours of an Antient Family, or by a pompous Description of all the Virtues neceffary to constitute a truly great Man; which he is sure positively to ascribe to his Patron, by his Thewing rather what he should be, then what he really is.

ANOTHER in mean Circumstances, whose view is Preferment or a good Reward, largely Expatiates on his Patron's Liberality and most generous Soul; the true meaning of which is, to give him to understand, he is not without hopes of casting the good effects of these noble Qualities.

THESE are Motives, by which, I bless God, I cannot be Influenced, and I should certainly incèr the Censure of the World should I take upon me to acquaint the Reader with the great worth of your Family, or of those Personal Qualifications which Shine in your Grace; and are known sufficiently by their own Brightness to the World. No, the Motives I have are of a different and far higher Nature, and indeed are such as rather oblige, than invite me to make so singular an attempt.

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I have had the Honour and Happiness of being well known to both your Right Honourable Father and Mother, before they went to Turkey, and since their return have been frequently trcated with both Freedom and Respect by them at their own House,


and in their Company at Mr. Alex. Jacob his Table and elsewhere. My several Observations and Notices in the following Treatise, were by degrees Collected and laid by as Opportunity offer'd. There was Brick and Stone and Timber, and all Materials ready for a Building, but the Architect wanted much time and leisure to put every thing in good Order and set the Finishing hand to it.

Had I had Time and Conveniency to have Finished and Published this present Book in the Life time of your Right Honourable Father, I had Dedicated it to no other Person in the World but himself. But now fịnce your Grace is Elected Governor of the Turky Company, a Company which from the many Excellent Qualities of the Gentlemen of which it is Composed, is far the most Honourable, and from the Nature of its Institution and Trade the most Beneficial of any in the Nation; and because I can never forget, that during the space of seven Years (under those two Embassadors Sir Dan. Harvey and Sir John Finch) I have owed to them a very handsome Subsistence; I should certainly appear guilty of great Ingratitude and Difrespect towards them, if I did not with my humbleft Duty lay this Treatise, which (whatever it is,) has been the Product of my Studies, during my Residence at Conftantinople, at your Grace's Feet, whom they have so worthily set at the Head of them.

It has lain by me a long while, being only a successive and therefore imperfect Collection; had I been fo Happy after my Return to have had some mean Preferment, which would have supported

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me, and not Sequestred me from my Books, but settled me down to them and my Papers, I should long ago have ventured to have Published my Travails and this Performance; but I have been forced to live a kind of Itinerant Life, at York, in Holland and elsewhere; and find my Self at last Chained to a perpetual College Bursar's place, which takes up at least three quarters of my time.

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Tho' these Papers have passed a last review and have been new Modelled, I fear some few things may yet appear Defective, and others Confus'd and Indigested. These I hope will be ascribed to the Interruptions I have had not only from my own private Affairs, but from those of a more publick Nature. But after all if there be any thing in this Work which may deserve or endure the Light, Imost humbly beg your Grace's candid Interpretation and Acceptance of it, being ever


Your Grace's most

Faithful and most

humble Servant




quis in Lemmate noflro, More majorum hæreto non citò, tibi inje£tus fit Scrupulus, ut eum ex animo evellam fic ejus sensum capias explicátiorem.

Verbum Hærere, passim in omnibus Lexicographis, duo præcipuè significare notatur ; Primd, Alicui Rei arctè insidere ac conjunctum esse. Sic etiam, femper in mente esle. Item non nunquam, idem ac coherere, ejusdem esse sententia. Secundo, Dubitare, Ancipitem esse. Hæret hæc Res, ea eft dubia.

Non citò, hoc eft, non citò ac cursim agere; vel non temerè & inconsulte.

Cum itaque per totum hunc librum omnis in boc fim, ut Ecclefia Latine ac Græcæ Doctrinam ac Disciplinam (seu Ritus ) apertè ac candidè exponerem; ingenuè fateor Plurimos esse in utraque Articulos quos toto peEtore ample&tor; Quosdam quos prorsus explodo; Multos denique de quibus dubitem meritissimè.

Singula autem hæc aggredi non aufus fum citò, absque præeunte explorato confilio ac discreto

judicio. Nullum itaque Axioma mihi occurrit, quod meliùs, pleniùs, planiufque mentem meam exprimere possit, quam hoc, sensu meo Suprà diło Sumptum.

Vetera ifta in XII. Tabb. verba, Her&um Citum, non eft quod hic quicquam morarer, cum Lemma noftrum ad ea nihil refpexerit.

Tu vero, 0 Bone, in quocunque authore vel loco id inveneris, fruere (per me licet,) vel tuis, vel meis, vel aliorum ratiocinationibus; Nam

Velle suum cuique est, nec voto vivitur uno.
At ne vel tuas, vel meas, vel alias tibi nimis cito deligas. Vale.

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N. B.
IBRI, Epistolæ, Chartæ, Membranæ, & reliquæ

res omnes, Manu scriptæ, quæ in hoc libro ad Marginem Laudantur, olim

fuerunt meæ; jam vero sunt in ampliffima & Auguftiffima Bibliotheca, quam Honorabillimus Dominus, Edwardus Dominus Harley, nuper in usum literati Orbis adornavit in villa de Wimpole prope celeberrimam Cantabrigiæ Academiam.

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