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Compared with J AC. GO AR's Notes upon the GREEK RITUAL, or EYXOA O'TION,

By JOHN COVEL, D. D. and Master of CHRIST College in


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CAM BRIDGE, Printed for CORNELIUS CROWNFIELD, Printer to the UNIVERÖ SITY: And are to be sold by James Knapton, and Robert Knaplock, in St. Paul's Church-yard; and William Taylor, in Pater-Nofter-Row, LONDON. MDCCXXII.

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May it please your GRACE,

EDICATING Books is (especially of late)

grown so common, 'tis become a settled Fa fhion; every Writer makes his Addresses to some Person of Quality or Fortune, whose Name and Patronage are designed to give some real, or at least a seeming Credit to his Performance with the Publick; which Addresses according to the various Ends


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