Everybody's Magazine, Volume 9

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North American Company, 1903

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Pagina 516 - As a rule a man's a fool: When it's hot he wants it cool, When it's cool he wants it hot, Always wanting what is not.
Pagina 708 - Indispensable to every one who desires the real beauty of perfect cleanliness. THE PORES are the safety valves of the body. If they be kept in perfect order by constant and intelligent bathing a very general source of danger from disease is avoided. HAND SAPOLIO is unequaled as a gentle, efficacious pore-opener.
Pagina 470 - Christ's church ; and being steadfast in faith, joyful through hope, and rooted in charity, may so pass the waves of this troublesome world, that finally he may come to the land of everlasting life, there to reign with thee world without end, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Pagina 117 - The old days were great because the men who lived in them had mighty qualities; and we must make the new days great by showing these same qualities. We must insist upon courage and resolution, upon hardihood, tenacity, and fertility in resource; we must insist upon the strong virile virtues ; and we must insist no less upon the virtues of self-restraint, self-mastery, regard for the rights of others; we must show our abhorrence of cruelty, brutality, and corruption, in public and in private life...
Pagina 840 - But self-government, in my opinion, when it was conceded, ought to have been conceded as part of a great policy of Imperial consolidation. It ought to have been accompanied by an Imperial tariff, by securities for the people of England for the enjoyment of the unappropriated lands which belonged to the Sovereign as their trustee, and by a military code...
Pagina 46 - Son of man, behold! I take from thee the desire of thine eyes at a stroke ; yet shalt thou not lament, neither shall thy tears run down.
Pagina 708 - It contains no animal fats* but is made from the most healthful of the vegetable oils* It opens the pores, liberates their activities* but works no chemical change in those delicate juices that go to make up the charm and bloom of a perfect complexion* Test it yourself.
Pagina 708 - WOULD YOU WIN PLACE? Be clean, both in and out. We cannot undertake the former task — that lies with yourself — but the latter we can aid with HAND SAPOLIO. It costs but a trifle —its use is a fine habit.
Pagina 128 - But nothing like that saintly lock have I on wall or shelf, And, being somewhat short of hair, I should like that lock myself. But Stoddard has a soothing way, as though he grieved to see Invidious torments prey upon a nice young chap like me, He waves me to an easy chair and hands...
Pagina 46 - Such is Wesley's own statement. The disappointment was a most painful blow. Forty-nine years after, he wrote, in reference to this event, " I remember when I read these words in the church at Savannah, ' Son of man, behold, I take from thee the desire of thine eyes with a stroke,' I was pierced through as with a sword, and could not utter a word more.

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