Global History Volume One: The Ancient World to the Age of Revolution

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Barron's Educational Series, 2006 - 564 pagine
This all-new and comprehensive history textbook has been written and designed to meet secondary school requirements in school districts throughout the country, as well as New York City and State curriculum requirements for the first year in the two-year sequence in "Global History and Geography." It consists of the following study units:

  • Introduction to Global History and Geography: outlines physical economic and human/cultural geography in all regions of the world
  • Ancient World: Civilizations and Religion (4,000 BCE - 500 CE): covers ancient cultures of Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas
  • Expanding Zones of Exchange and Encounter (500 - 1200): covers the Byzantine Empire, Medieval Europe, Islam, Asia, and the Americas
  • Global Interactions (1200 - 1650): covers the Renaissance, the Reformation, the commercial revolution, and Global interactions in Asia
  • The First Global Age (1450 - 1770): covers the rise of nation-states, the growth of democracy in England, the age of exploration, African civilizations, and globalism in the Middle East and Asia
  • An Age of Revolutions (1750 - 1826): covers the Enlightenment and the scientific revolution, the French Revolution, and revolution and war in the age of Napoleon

    The book is filled with maps, diagrams, and illustrations.

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