The Irish in Australia: 1788 to the Present

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University of Notre Dame Press, 2000 - 363 pagine
Since the arrival of many Irish as convicts with the First Fleet of 1788, the presence of a strong Irish community in Australia has contributed a central and profoundly influential element in the development of Australian nationalism and a distinct Australian identity. After the Irish convicts, often feared and despised --" nearly as wild themselves as the cattle" -- followed waves of free Irish immigrants. In a short time they came to see themselves as patriotic Australians, integrated into all levels and facets of national life and character, with many occupying the highest positions in government, law, and commerce.

The Irish in Australia is a celebration of Irish struggle and achievement in an often hostile environment. This is the third revised edition of a highly successful book, first published in 1986. The first edition was awarded both the New South Wales Premier's Award for Non-Fiction and the Ernest Scott Prize for Australian History.

The Irish in Australia is an accessible book, written for anyone with interest in Australian history and/or interest in the Irish. This edition includes 70 black and white photos and line drawings, and features a new chapter, "The New Irish and Beyond", which critically considers the drift of the Irish-born community towards an isolated ethnic "multiculturalism", and the increasing distance between this group and those Australians of Irish descent. The chapter concludes with some post-2000 predictions.

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