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8. ABRAM. A Military Poem, by A. Young Rebelle,

Esq., of the Army. pp. 63. 12mo, sewed, uncut, in cloth
wrappers, enclosed in green morocco slip case.

Richmond: Macfarlane & Fergusson, 1863

appear to be known of this rare Lincoln item, the Denny and the
Pennypacker copies. This is the Denny copy, which sold in
Boston in 1906. Not mentioned in the bibliographies consulted.

Dedicated to the Unknown and Unrecorded, the noble men of

the Confederate Army, it is a poem or series of poems, on

Abraham Lincoln, Generals McClellan, Burnside. Pope, Stone-

wall Jackson, and others, with a biographical sketch of the

author. The last poem, called "The Dream," concludes as


"Old Abe met death, as he had lived,

And the Yankees all wore crape,

And on his tombstone Davis wrote,
'Hic Jacet, Illinois Ape.""

12. ALBUM containing 48 original photographs of Lin-

coln's birthplace, his Indiana home, Bowling Green house,
Springfield residence, etc. 4to, cloth.

15. AMES (CHARLES G.). Stand by the President! An
Address delivered before the National Union Association
of Cincinnati. 8vo, half morocco.
Cinn. 1863

17. APPENDIX to Diplomatic Correspondence of 1865.
The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the attempted
Assassination of William H. Seward and Frederick W.
Seward. Expressions of Condolence. Portrait. Royal 8vo,
half morocco (water-stained).
Wash. 1866

* Laid in is an L. S. from Frederick W. Seward (who was

shot at the time Lincoln was assassinated), and 3 L. S. from

John H. Haswell.

18. ARNAUD (ACHILLE). Abraham Lincoln; sa Nais-

sance, sa Vie, sa Mort; avec un Recit de la Guerre D'Am-
erique. Illustrated. Royal Svo, half morocco, gilt top
(slightly stained).
Paris, 1865


19. ARNOLD (ISAAC N.). Reconstruction: Liberty the

Corner-Stone, and Lincoln the Architect. A Speech. 8vo,
half morocco, uncut.
Wash. 1864


Lincoln, and The Overthrow of Slavery.
EDITION. Thick 8vo, cloth.

* Presentation copy from author.

The History of Abraham

Portrait. FIRST
Chicago, 1866

21. ARNOLD (ISAAC N.). Sketch of the Life of Abra-

ham Lincoln. Portrait. 8vo, cloth, gilt edges. N. Y. 1869
* Presentation copy from the Publisher.

24. ASSASSINATION and History of the Conspiracy

(The). A complete digest of the whole affair from its in-
ception to its culmination, Sketches of the principal Char-
acters, Reports of the Obsequies, etc. Fully illustrated.
vo, half morocco, uncut, original covers bound in (water-
Cinn. 1865

25. ASSASSINATION of Abraham Lincoln, and the At-

tempted Assassination of William H. Seward. Expressions
of condolence and sympathy inspired by these events.
[Document signed by W. H. Seward inserted.] PORTRAIT.
4to, morocco, gilt edges, gilt.
Wash. 1867

27. ATHENÆUM CLUB. In Memoriam Abraham Lincoln. Large 8vo, half morocco. [N. Y. 1865]

* Presentation copy from G. P. Putnam.

28. ATWOOD (REV. E. S.). The Nation's Loss; The President's Record. 2 Discourses. 8vo, half morocco (slightly stained). Salem, 1865

* Autograph note by the Author inserted.

29. B. (R.). A Memoir of Abraham Lincoln, President

Elect of the United States. 16mo, new wrap-
Lond. 1861


30. BABCOCK (SAMUEL B.). A Discourse on the Death of President Lincoln. 8vo, half morocco.

Dedham, Mass., 1865

*A. L. S. by the Author inserted.

31. BACKMAN (CHARLES). Abraham Lincoln, The World's Great Martyr. 8vo, half morocco, original covers bound in. Jamaica, Long Island, 1865

32. BACON (G. W.). Abraham Lincoln geschetst in Zijn Leven en Daden. Naar het Engelsch van G. W. Bacon. 12mo, half morocco, original covers bound in.

Amsterdam, 1865

33. BACON (G. W.). The Life and Administration of Lincoln, Presenting His early History, Political Career, Speeches, Messages, Proclamations, Letters, etc., with A General view of His Policy as President of the United States, embracing The Leading Events of the War. Also the European Press on His Death. 12mo, half morocco, original covers bound in (writing on title). Lond. 1865

34. BADGER (REV. H. C.). The Humble Conqueror. A Discourse commemorative of the Life and Services of Lincoln. 8vo, half morocco, original covers bound in. Bost. 1865

* One of 6 copies on extra thick paper; with an A. L. S. of the Author inserted.

35. BAIN (J. W.). National Lessons from the Life and Death of Lincoln. A Sermon. 8vo, half morocco.

*Two autograph letters inserted.

Pittsburgh, 1865

36. BAKER (JOHN F.). Our Martyr President. 8vo, half morocco. [Brooklyn, 1865]

*Two autograph letters by the Author inserted.

37. BALDRIDGE (S. C.). The Martyr Prince. A Sermon delivered at Friendsville. 8vo, half morocco.

Cincinnati, O., 1865

* A. L. S. by the Author inserted.

38. BALTIMORE Proceedings of the City Council in relation to the Death of Lincoln. 8vo, half morecco. *500 copies printed.

[Baltimore, 1865]

39. BANCROFT (GEORGE). Abraham Lincoln. A Memorial Address, delivered by invitation of Congress. Portrait, inserted. Small 8vo, half morocco. Lond. 1866

40. BANCROFT (GEORGE). Éloge Funèbre du Président Abraham Lincoln. Traduction de l'Anglais par Gustave Jottrand. 8vo, half morocco, original covers bound in. Bruxelles, 1866

41. BANCROFT (GEORGE). Life and Character of Abraham Lincoln. half red morocco, gilt top.

Memorial Address on the
Portrait. 4to,
Wash. 1866

*One of 100 copies on Large Paper. Laid in are 2 signed proofs before letters of the portrait of Bancroft by C. K. Burt.

42. BANCROFT (GEORGE). Memorial Address on the Life and Character of Abraham Lincoln Feb. 12, 1866. 4to, half morocco, gilt top, uncut (binding and text injured by water). Wash. 1866

* Large Paper copy, with presentation inscription by the Author to Charles H. Hart. EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of a document appointing Franklin Taylor postmaster, SIGNED BY ABRAHAM LINCOLN (in full) and by William H. Seward. With the seal of U. S. 1 p. oblong 4to; A. L. S., by E. French in regard to the above pamphlet. 21⁄2 pp. 8vo, N. Y. 1866; and 31 portraits and other illustrations.

43. [BARNARD (F. A. P.).] the United States by a Refugee. covers bound in.

Letter to the President of 8vo, half morocco, original N. Y. 1863

44. BARNARD (HON. D. D.). Truths for the Times. Reasons why no lover of the Union can vote for Lincoln, etc. 16 pp. 8vo, no covers (small hole in title).

St. Louis [1860]

45. BARNES (ALBERT). The State of the Country. A Discourse. Svo, half morocco, original covers bound in. Phila. 1865

46. BARNES (REV. SAMUEL). Discourse on the Death of Lincoln. Svo, half morocco. Baltimore, 1865

* A. L. S. by the Author inserted.

47. BARNETT (T. J.). Abraham Lincoln, The People's Candidate. A Speech delivered in Richmond, Indiana. 8vo, half cloth. n. d.—n. d.

48. BARR (REV. T. H.). A Discourse delivered at Canaan Center, April 19, 1865. 8vo, half morocco, original covers bound in. Wooster, Ohio, 1865

*A. L. S. by the Author inserted.

49. BARTLETT (D. W.). The Life and Public Services of Lincoln. PORTRAIT. 12mo, half morocco, original covers bound in. N. Y. 1860


50. BEECHER (HENRY WARD). Oration at the raising of the Old Flag" at Sumter; and Sermon on the Death of Lincoln. 8vo, half morocco, original covers bound in. Manchester, 1865 Woman who took Davis. 8vo, half N. Y. 1868

51. BEHIND the Seams; by a Nigger in work from Mrs. Lincoln and Mrs. morocco (slight repairs to title).


Extrait du

52. BELGIUM Chambre des Representants. comte rendu de la seance du 29 April, 1865. Motion d'ordre [On the Death of Lincoln]. 4 pp. 4to, half morocco.

[Bruxelles, 1865]

53. BELL (J. MADISON). A Poem entitled The Day and the War. Delivered at Celebration of the Emancipation Proclamation. 8vo, half morocco, original covers bound in. San Francisco, 1864

* Presentation inscription by the Author.

54. BENADE (W. H.). The Death of Abraham Lincoln; what it represents. A Sermon. Svo, half morocco. *A. L. S. by the Author inserted.

Pittsburgh, 1865

55. BENEDICT (A. D.). Our Nation's Sorrow. An Address delivered on the Day of the Funeral. 8vo, half Racine, 1865


56. BENJAMIN (S. G. W.). Ode on the Death of Lincoln. 12mo, half morocco. Bost. 1865

57. BEVERIDGE (REV. A. M.). A Discourse on the Assassination of President Lincoln, at Lansingburgh, N. Y. 8vo, half morocco. Troy, 1865

58. BINGHAM (JOEL F.). National Disappointment. A Discourse. 8vo, half morocco. Buffalo, 1865

* A. L. S. by the Author inserted.

59. BINGHAM (John A.). Argument of Judge Bingham in reply to the arguments of the several Counsel for Mary E. Surratt, David E. Herold, Lewis Payne, and others. Delivered June 27 and 28 before the Military Commission. 8vo, half morocco, original front cover bound in. Wash 1865

60. BINNEY (WILLIAM). Abraham Lincoln. Portraits.

Oration on the Death of 4to, half morocco.

Providence, R. I., 1865 * One of 25 copies on Large Paper. Very Scarce.

61. BINNEY (WILLIAM). Proceedings of the CityCouncil of Providence. 8vo, half morocco (stained).

*A. L. S. by Mr. Binney.

Providence, 1865

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