New Year's Eve: A Novel

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Crown Publishers, 1997 - 366 pagine
Part contemporary family drama, part ghost story, this engrossing, moving novel dramatizes the difficult process of letting go of one's childhood to embrace one's new, chosen family. For most of her adult life, Erica has been mourning the loss of closeness between herself and her twin sister, Heather. When they both give birth within weeks of each other, that closeness is recaptured. Erica's daughter Sarah and Heather's son David are like the siblings their mothers were as children. Three years later David is killed in an accident, and Sarah begins talking to him in Heaven, reporting daily on the details of their communication. While Erica and her husband become increasingly alarmed at Sarah's seeming obsession, Heather encourages it, helps Sarah build a dollhouse according to what she says are David's specifications, and gradually begins to drive an emotional wedge between Sarah and her mother. In the fog of her confused feelings about attachment and loss, childhood and maturity, love and competition, one necessity becomes clear to Erica: She must reclaim her daughter from Heather's grief, and free herself, and her child, to live in the present.

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A beguiling contemporary tale with a supernatural subtext features a family confronting, and then accepting, all those universal heartaches—a child's death, a parent's decline—that can visit even ... Leggi recensione completa

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A sad but interesting story of twins and families. Leggi recensione completa


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