Titanic: Women and Children First

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Patrick Stephens, 1998 - 224 pagine
A commemoration of the women and children involved in the tragedy of the sinking of the Titanic. The book is concerned with how they were a microcosm of society at the turn of the century when survival in life, as on this doomed ship, depended much too often on social class. Each passenger section - first, second and third class - is introduced with a brief overview on the conventions of post-Edwardian society. Included are personal interviews with survivors and their relatives; the passengers' own voices as recorded in diaries, letters and newspapers; biographies of the women and children, and male passengers or crew with whom they had contact; photographs of artefacts, where possible linked to their owners; period postcards, advertisements and photographs, together with Titanic sales brochures, tickets and baggage checks. There is also a passenger list, a chart of women and children who were saved or perished, and Titanic-related addresses.

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Review: Titanic: Women and Children First

Recensione dell'utente  - Julie - Goodreads

I dug this book out of my collection. Gives a list of what happened to a lot of the women and children on the Titanic. Leggi recensione completa


Foreword by John P Eaton
Ida Hippach and her daughter Jean

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