Catiline His Conspiracy

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Yale University Press, 1916 - 236 pagine
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Pagina 156 - Alas ! and did my Saviour bleed ? And did my Sovereign die ? Would he devote that sacred head For such a worm as I...
Pagina xliii - I see not then, but we should enjoy the same license, or free power to illustrate and heighten our invention, as they did ; and not be tied to those strict and regular forms which the niceness of a few, who are nothing but form, would thrust upon us.
Pagina 218 - Catalina,' spoken by Sylla's Ghost, was writ after I parted with my friend at the Devil tavern. I had drank well that night, and had brave notions. There is one scene in that play which I think is flat. I resolve to drink no more water with my wine.
Pagina 14 - If the gods had call'd Them to a purpose, they would just have come With the same tortoise speed ; that are thus slow To such an action, which .the gods will envy ; As asking no less means than all their powers Conjoin'd to effect.
Pagina 237 - XV. Essays on the Study and Use of Poetry by Plutarch and Basil the Great, translated from the Greek, with an Introduction. FREDERICK M.
Pagina 182 - Ad hoc maledicta alia quum adderet, obstrepere omnes, hostem atque parricidam vocare. Tum ille furibundus: 'Quoniam quidem circumventus, inquit, ab inimicis praeceps agor, incendium meum ruina restinguam.
Pagina xv - Conspiracy," l yesterday being the first day: a play of much good sense and words to read, but that do appear the worst upon the stage, I mean, the least diverting, that ever I saw any, though most fine in clothes; and a fine scene of the Senate, and of a fight, that ever I saw in my life.
Pagina 214 - Catilina vero longe a suis inter hostium cadavera repertus est, paululum etiam spirans ferociamque animi, quam habuerat vivos, in voltu retinens.

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