Preparatory Latin prose-book: containing all the Latin prose necessary for entering college. With references to Harkness's and Andrews and Stoddard's Latin grammars; notes critical and explanatory; a vocabulary and a geographical and historical index

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Crosby and Ainsworth, 1865 - 881 pagine

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Pagina 273 - Ego multos homines excellenti animo ac virtute fuisse et sine doctrina naturae ipsius habitu prope divino per se ipsos et moderatos et graves exstitisse fateor : etiam illud adjungo, saepius ad laudem atque virtutem naturam sine doctrina quam sine natura valuisse doctrinam. Atque idem ego hoc contendo, cum ad naturam eximiam et illustrem accesserit ratio quaedam conformatioque doctrinae.
Pagina 272 - Qua re quis tandem me reprehendat aut quis mihi iure suscenseat, si, quantum ceteris ad suas res obeundas, quantum ad festos dies ludorum celebrandos, quantum ad alias voluptates et ad ipsam requiem animi et corporis conceditur temporum, quantum alii tribuunt tempestivis conviviis, quantum denique alveolo, quantum pilae, tantum mihi egomet ad haec studia recolenda sumpsero...
Pagina 501 - The men for a long while hesitated, but prudence prevailed. After calculating and balancing the chances, they resolved to secure a certain and immediate recompense, rather than to speculate upon doubtful and distant advantages. Accordingly, they revealed all to Q. Fabius Sanga, the patron of their state, who in his turn acquainted Cicero, and by the instructions of the latter enjoined the ambassadors to affect great zeal in the undertaking, and if possible to gain possession of some tangible documentary...
Pagina 571 - In the time of Cicero it was usual for a general, or a governor of a province, to report to the treasury the names of those under his command who had done good service to the state: those who were included in such report were said in beneftciis ad aerarium deferri.
Pagina 290 - Protogenes si lalysum ilium suum caeno oblitum videret, magnum, credo, acciperet dolorem, sic ego hunc omnibus a me pictum et politum artis ooloribus subito deformatum non sine magno dolore vidi.
Pagina 403 - A'RIES (xptof), the battering-ram, was used to batter down the walls of besieged cities. It consisted of a large beam, made of the trunk of a tree, especially of a fir or an ash. To one end was fastened a mass of bronze or iron (ne^akri, kfifto'Xri, npnTOfir/), which resembled in its form the head of a ram.
Pagina 172 - ... ultra neque curae neque gaudio locum esse. Sed, per deos immortalis ! quamobrem in sententiam non addidisti, uti prius verberibus in eos animadverteretur?

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