Shakespeare and Text: Revised Edition

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Oxford University Press, 7 ago 2019 - 256 pagine
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Shakespeare and Text is built on the research and experience of a leading expert on Shakespeare editing and textual studies. The first edition has proved its value as an indispensable and unique guide to its topic. It takes Shakespeare readers to the very foundation of his work, explaining how his plays first took shape in the theatre where writing was part of a larger collective enterprise. The account examines the early modern printing industry that produced the earliest surviving texts of Shakespeare's plays. It describes the roles of publisher and printer, the controls exerted through the Stationers' Company, and the technology of printing. A chapter is devoted to the book that gathered Shakespeare's plays together for the first time, the First Folio of 1623. Shakespeare and Text goes on to survey the major developments in textual studies over the past century. It builds on the recent upsurge of interest in textual theory, and deals with issues such as collaboration, the instability of the text, the relationship between theatre culture and print culture, and the book as a material object. Later chapters examine the current critical edition, explaining the procedures that transform early texts in to a very different cultural artefact, the edition in which we regularly encounter Shakespeare.

The new revised edition, which builds on Jowett's research for the New Oxford Shakespeare, engages with scholarship of the past decade, work that has transformed our understanding of textual versions, has opened up the taxonomy of Shakespeare's texts, and has significantly extended the picture of Shakespeare as a co-author. A new chapter describes digital text, digital editing, and their interface with the traditional media.

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What Is Your Text?
Author and Collaborator
The Material Book
The First Folio
Mapping the Text
Emendation and Versification
Modernization and Stage Directions
The Digital Text
Hamlet 116299 as Printed in Q1 Q2 and F1
Shakespeare in Early Editions and Manuscripts
Glossary of Key Terms
Further Reading

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John Jowett, Professor of Shakespeare Studies, The Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham

John Jowett is Professor of Shakespeare Studies at the Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham. He is General Editor of the New Oxford Shakespeare, a member of the editorial boards of Arden Early Modern Drama and the Malone Society, an Associate General Editor of the Oxford Collected Works of Thomas Middleton, and an editor of the original Oxford Shakespeare Complete Works. He has edited Richard III and Timon of Athens for the Oxford Shakespeare series, and Sir Thomas More for the Arden Shakespeare. He has published widely on textual culture and textual theory.

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