The Creed Of Half Japan: Historical Sketches Of Japanese Buddhism

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Kessinger Publishing, 01 apr 2004 - 404 pagine
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1911. Contents: Mahayana; The Stage on which Sakyamuni Made His Appearance; The Buddha and his Greatest Disciple; The Pre-Christian Expansion of Buddhism; Pushyamitra; The New Testament in Touch with the East; Alexandria and Antioch at the Time of Christ; The Legend of St. Thomas; The Call from China; Buddhism Just Before the Coming of Christianity; As'Vaghosha; Nagarjuna; The Missionaries of the Han; Dharmagupta; Manichaeism; China in the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Centuries; Buddhism Reaches Japan; The Crown Prince Shotoku Taishi; Buddhism During the Nara Period; Heian Buddhism; Namudaishi; The Buddhism of the Gempei Period; The Buddhism of Kamakura; Nichiren and the Earlier Sects; Rissho Ankoju Ron; The Mongols; the Buddhism of the Muromachi Age; The Period of the Catholic Missions; The Buddhism of the Tokugawa Period; and Recapitulation.

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