History of Western Massachusetts: The Counties of Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin, and Berkshire. Embracing an Outline Aspects and Leading Interests, and Separate Histories of Its One Hundred Towns, Volume 2

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Pagina 493 - A Mr. Van Rensselaer, a young gentleman from Albany, came one evening into an inn, kept by a Mr. Root, just at the eastern end of the bridge. The inn-keeper, who knew him, asked him where he had crossed the river. He answered,
Pagina 358 - Eleazer Hawks was killed outright, Before he had time to fight, Before he did the Indians see, Was shot and killed immediately; Oliver Amsden, he was slain, Which caused his friends much grief and pain...
Pagina 493 - ... anywhere, that he should not discern the danger, and impossible for him to pass over the bridge in that condition. Each went to bed dissatisfied, neither believing the story of the other. In the morning, Mr. Van Rensselaer went, at the solicitation of his host, to view the bridge, and; finding it a naked frame, gazed for a moment with astonishment, and fainted.
Pagina 148 - Indians ; or an account of the methods used for the propagation of the Gospel among that heathenish tribe under the ministry of the Rev. John Sergeant...
Pagina 20 - British parliament, tending to the entire subversion of our natural and charter rights; among which is the act for blocking up the harbour of Boston...
Pagina 20 - Boston: and being fully sensible of our indispensable duty to lay hold on every means in our power to preserve and recover the much injured constitution of our country; and conscious at the same time of no alternative between the horrors of slavery, or the carnage and desolation of a civil war, but a suspension of all commercial intercourse with the island of Great Britain: Do, in the presence of God...
Pagina 23 - Congress should, for the safety of the said Colonies, declare them independent of the Kingdom of Great Britain, they, the said inhabitants, will solemnly engage, with their lives and fortunes, to support them in the measure.
Pagina 223 - To the memory of John Webster, Esq. one of the first settlers of Hartford in Connecticut, who was many years a magistrate or Assistant, and afterwards Deputy Gov.
Pagina 229 - ... what through the difficulty of passage and staying at home by turns and warding, some being weak and small which, notwithstanding, if the means were on our side the river, they might have the benefit of the ordinances which now they are deprived of to the grief of us all. Further, when we do go over the river, we leave our relatives and estates lying on the outside of the colony, joining to the wilderness, to be a prey to the heathen, when they see their opportunity.
Pagina 358 - ... shall we behold Eleazer Hawks was killed outright Before he had time to fight Before he did the Indians see Was shot and killed immediately Oliver Amsden he was slain Which caused his friends much grief and pain Simeon Amsden they found dead Not many rods off from his head.

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