Book Auction Records

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Frank Karslake
Wm. Dawson, 1906
A priced and annotated annual record of London, New York and Edinburgh book-auctions.

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Pagina 433 - The Whole Contention betweene the two Famous Houses, Lancaster and Yorke. With the Tragicall ends of the good Duke Humfrey, Richard Duke of Yorke, and King Henrie the sixt. Diuided into two Parts : And newly corrected and enlarged. Written by William Shakespeare, Gent. Printed at London, for TP" A small quarto, containing 64 leaves, A to Q in fours.
Pagina 70 - A Description and Draught of a new-invented Machine, for carrying Vessels or Ships out of, or into, any Harbour, Port, or River, against Wind and Tide, or in a calm.
Pagina 125 - The late, and much admired Play called Pericles, Prince of Tyre. With the true Relation of the whole Historic, adventures and fortunes of the said Prince : as also, The no lesse strange and worthy accidents, in the Birth and Life of his Daughter Mariana.
Pagina 283 - Divel, or, the Tragedy of Paulo Giordano Ursini, Duke of Brachiano, with the Life and Death of Vittoria Corombona, the famous Venetian Curtizan.
Pagina 125 - As it hath been sundrie times publikely acted by the right honourable, the Lord Chamberlaine his seruants. Written by William Shakespeare. LONDON Printed by VS for Andrew Wise, and William Aspley. 1600.
Pagina 435 - Mr. William Shakespear's Comedies, Histories, And Tragedies. Published according to the true Original Copies. Unto which is added, Seven Plays, Never before Printed in Folio: Viz.
Pagina xv - Nash lived in the most splendid style, supporting his expenses by a long run of success at the gaming table. His dress was covered with expensive lace, and he wore a large white cocked hat. The chariot in which he rode was drawn by six...
Pagina 434 - A Most pleasant and excellent conceited COMEDY OF SIR JOHN FALSTAFFE AND THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR. With the swaggering vaine of Ancient Pistoll, and Corporall Nym, Written by W. Shakespeare.
Pagina 113 - ACCOUNT of the Proceedings of the British, and other Protestant Inhabitants, of the Province of Quebeck, in North America, in order to obtain an House of Assembly in that Province.
Pagina 125 - NO for Thomas Walkley, and are to be sold at his | shop, at the Eagle and Child, in Brittans Bursse. | 1622.

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