Agriculture Improv'd: Or, The Practice of Husbandry Display'd: Chiefly Shewn by Facts, Perform'd in All Sorts of Land, According to the Old Plain, and the New Drill, Way of Farming ...

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T. Osborne, 1746

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Pagina 166 - A swarm of bees in May is worth a load of hay. A swarm of bees in June is worth a silver spoon. A swarm of bees in July is not worth a fly.
Pagina 133 - it is to be obferved, that, where the flight of pigeons fall, there they fill themfelves and away, and return again where they firft rofe, and fo proceed over a whole piece of ground, if they like it. Although you cannot perceive any grain above the ground, they know how to find it, and confequemly commit great depredations on the property of the farmer.
Pagina 173 - Attends on every breath ; And yet how unconcern'd we go Upon the brink of death...
Pagina 173 - God ! on what a slender thread, Hang everlasting things ! Th' eternal states of all the dead, Upon life's feeble strings.
Pagina 135 - ... long upon them, therefore be near at hand. As the greater fort of land fowl are thus taken, fo may you take fmall birds, only with this alteration that inftead of wheat, peas, or the like grain, you...
Pagina 135 - Take a peck, or leffer quantity, of wheat, rye, barley, peas, or tares, to which put two or three handfuls of nux vomica, and boil them in running water until they are almoft ready to burft, then take it off the fire and when they are cold ftrew them upon the land where you defign to take the fowl, and fuch as eat thereof will immediately be intoxicated, and lie as if dead fo that you may take them up at pleafure, provided you ilay not too long, for the dizzinefs will not la(t long upon them, therefore...
Pagina 87 - The best way of baiting with a m-mnow is thus : put your hook in at his mouth, and out at his gill, drawing it through about three inches: then put the hook again into his mouth, and let the point and beard come out at his tail; then tie the hook and his tail...
Pagina 135 - ... having nothing of that poifonous nature in it ; but in an hour or two, the fumes will be perfectly wrought off. Inftead of boiling the faid grains or feeds in the lees, you may fteep them therein ; but then they will require a longer time before they are fufficiently fwoln and fit for ufe.
Pagina 86 - March, with ground baits all day long; but if it prove clear and bright, he muft take the morning and evening, or elfe his labour will be in vain. He that angles with ground-bait, muft fit his tackle to his rod, and begin at the upper end of the ftream, carrying his line •with an upright hand, feeling his plummet running on the ground fome ten inches from the hook, plumbing his line according to the fwiftnefs of the ftream that he angles in j for one plummet will not ferve for all'ftreams.

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