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4 But in thy word I see it shine
With grace and glories more divine,

Proclaiming sins forgiven;
There Faith, bright cherub, points the way
To realms of everlasting day,

And opens all her heaven.



HYMN 10. L. M. [#]

Majesty of God.
1 To God all nature owes its birth ;

He formed this ponderous globe of earth;
He raised the glorious arch on high,

And measured out the azure sky.
2 He sits enthroned amidst the spheres,

And glory, like a garment, wears ;
Wbile boundless wisdom, power

Command our awe, invite our praise.
3 'Tis he who bids the tempests rise,

And rolls the thunder through the skies ;
His voice the elements obey ;

Wide o'er the earth extends his sway. 4 In every work and way divine,

Omnipotence and wisdom shine ;
And goodness fixes still the end,

To which they all, unvarying, tend. 5 His power we trace on every side ;

0, may his wisdom be our guide ; And while we live, and when we die, May his almighty love be nigh.

HYMN 11. L. M. [#]

Omniscience and Omnipresence. 1 FATHER of all, omniscient Mind,

Thy wisdom who can comprehend?
Its highest point what eye can find,

Or to its lowest depths descend? 2 If up to heaven's ethereal height,

Thy prospect to elude, I rise,
In splendour, there, supremely bright,

Thy presence shall my sight surprise. 3 Thee, mighty God, my wondering soul,

Thee, all her conscious powers adore, Whose being circumscribes the whole,

Whose eyes the universe explore. 4 Thine essence fills this breathing frame ;

It glows in every vital part,
Lights up our souls with livelier flame,

And feeds with life each beating heart. 5 To thee, from whom our being came,

Whose smile is all the heaven we know, Inspired with this exalted theme,

To thee our grateful strains shall flow.

HYMN 12. L. M. [#]

Greatness and Glory of God. 1 How great is our Creator, God,

In wisdom, majesty and might,
When he displays his power abroad,

And brings his wonders forth to light.

2 Behold, what cloudy columns rise,

Terrific as the shades of night! What peals of thunder rend the skies !

The lightning, how sublimely bright! 3 How dreadful is the threatening hail !

Approaching tempests, O how grand ! What terror doth the mind assail,

When deep convulsions shake the land ! 4 The seas with hollow murmurs groan,

The bowels of the mountains flame; The elements, affrighted, own

The awful greatness of thy name. 5 Almighty God, thy chariot wheels

In solemn pomp and grandeur roll; Thy presence trembling nature feels,

And humble reverence fills the soul.


HYMN 13. L. M. [#]

Universal Praise. 1 CELESTIAL worlds, your Maker's name

Resound through every shining coast : Our God the noblest praise will claim,

Where he unfolds his glories most. 2 Stupendous globe of flaming day,

Praise him in thy súblime career ;

He struck from night thy peerless ray,

Marked out thy path, and guides thee there. 3 Ye starry lamps, to whom 'tis given

Night's sable horrors to illume,
Praise him who hung you high in heaven,

With vivid fires to gild the gloom. 4 Lightnings, that round Jehovah play,

Thunders, that from his arm are hurled, "The grandeur of your God convey,

Blazing, or bursting on the world. 5 At cnce let nature's ample round

To God the vast thanksgiving raise :
His high perfection knows no bound,

But fills immensity of space.

HYMN 14. 7 & 6 M. [#]

Praise to Jehovah.
1 PRAISE the Lord, who reigns above,

And keeps his court below;
Praise the holy God of love,

And all his greatness show;
Praise him for his noble deeds;

Praise him for his matchless power ;
Him, from whom all good proceeds,

Let earth and heaven adore.
2 Publish, spread to all around

The great Jehovah's name;
Let the trumpet's martial sound

The Lord of hosts proclaim;
Praise him, every tuneful string;

All the reach of heavenly art,

All the powers of music, bring,

The music of the heart.
3 Him, in whom they move and live,

Let every creature sing,
Glory to their Maker give,

And homage to their King :
Hallowed be his name beneath ;

As in heaven on earth adored;
Praise the Lord in every breath :

Let all things praise the Lord.

HYMN 15. C. M. [#]

Triumphant Praise. 1 O FOR a shout of sacred joy

To God the sovereign King!
Let every land their tongues employ, ,

And hymns of triumph sing.
2 Whilst angels shout his lofty praise,

Let mortals learn their strains;
Let all the earth their voices raise;

O’er all the earth he reigns. 3 Rehearse his praise with awe profound;

Let knowledge lead the song ;
Nor mock him with a solenn sound

Upon a thoughtless tongue.
4 In Israel stood his ancient throne;

He loved that chosen race;
But now he calls the world his own,

And heathens taste his grace.

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