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And, through the dangers of the night,

A lamp to lead our way.
3 0, 'tis a land of wealth unknown,

Where springs of life arise ;
There seeds of endless bliss are sown,

There boundless glory lies.
4 The best relief that mourners have,

It makes our sorrows blessed ;
It shows a home beyond the grave,

And an eternal rest.

HYMN 278. L. M. [#]

Glorious Word. 1 When Israel through the desert passed,

A fiery pillar went before,
To guide them through the desert waste,

And lessen the fatigues they bore. 2 Such is thy glorious word, O God !

'Tis for our light and guidance given ; It sheds a lustre all abroad,

And points the path to bliss and heaven. 3 It fills the soul with sweet delight,

And quickens its inactive powers ;
It sets our wandering footsteps right,

Displays thy love, and kindles ours, 4 Its promises rejoice our hearts ;

Its doctrines are divinely true;
Knowledge and pleasure it imparts,

And comforts and instructs us too,

HYMN 279. S. M. [#]

Scripture a Guide.
1 How choice the book divine,

By inspiration given !
Bright as a lamp its doctrines shine,

To guide our souls to heaven.
2 It cheers our drooping hearts

In this dark vale of tears ;
Life, light, and joy, it still imparts,

And quells our rising fears.
3 This lamp, through all the night

Of life, shall guide our way,
Till we behold the clearer light

Of an eternal day.


HYMN 280. C. M. [#]

Triumph of Christianity.
1 O’ER mountain tops, the mount of God

In latter days shall rise
Above the summits of the hills,

And draw the wondering eyes. 2 To this, the joyful nations round,

All tribes and tongues, shall flow;

Up to this mountain of their God,

With songs of triumph go.
3 The beams that shine from Zion's hill

Shall lighten every land ;
The King who reigns in Salem's towers

Shall the whole world command. 4 No war shall rage ; no hostile feuds

Disturb those peaceful years :
To plough-shares men shall beat their swords,

To pruning-hooks their spears. 5 No longer host, encountering host,

Shall crowds of slain deplore;
They'll lay the martial trumpet by,

And study war no more.


HYMN 281. H. M. [# or b]

Jubilee. 1 Blow

ye the trumpet, blow
The gladly solemn sound;
Let all the nations know,

To earth's remotest bound,

year of jubilee is come :
Return, ye ransomed sinners, home.
2 Behold the Son of God,

Commissioned from above,
To all the human race,

The Messenger of love :

year of jubilee is come ;
Return, ye ransomed sinners, home.
3 The gospel trumpet hear,

The news of pardoning grace ;

Ye happy souls, draw near ;

Behold your Saviour's face : The year of jubilee is come; Return, ye ransomed sinners, home. 4 Jesus, our great High Priest,

The Father's love displayed ;
Ye weary spirits, rest;

Ye mourning souls, be glad :
The year of jubilee is come;
Return, ye ransomed sinners, home.

HYMN 282. P. M. [#]

New Jerusalem. 1 Away with our sorrow and fear;

We soon shall recover our home;
The city of saints shall appear,

The day of eternity come :
From earth we shall quickly remove,

And mount to our native abode,
The house of our Father above,

The palace of angels and God. 2 By faith we already behold

That lovely Jerusalem here;
Her walls are of jasper and gold;

As crystal her buildings are clear ;
Immovably founded in grace,

She stands as she ever hath stood, And brightly her Builder displays,

And flames with the glory of God. 3 No need of the sun in that day,

Which never is followed by night,

Where Christ does his brightness display,

A pure and a permanent light :
The Lamb is their Light and their Sun,

And lo, by reflection, they shine,
With Jesus ineffably one,

And bright in effulgence divine !

HYMN 283. C. M. [#]

Heavenly Zion.
1 BEHOLD, on Zion's heavenly shore,

A pure and countless band,
Whose conflicts and whose toils are o'er,

In glorious order stand. 2 From earth’s remotest bounds they came,

From tribulations great,
And, through the victories of the Lamb,

Have reached the heavenly state. 3 Their robes are washed in Jesus' blood

From every stain of sin ;
They stand before the throne of God,

And of his mercies sing.
4 Hunger and thirst they know no more,

From burning heats refreshed;
The Lamb shall feed them from his store,

And give them endless rest.
5 God all their tears shall wipe away,

And they his wonders tell,
While in his temple they shall stay,

And God with them shall dwell.

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