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HYMN 398. L. M. [#]

Prudent Use of Time. 1 God of eternity, from thee

Did infant time his being draw :
Moments, and days, and months, and years,

Revolve by thine unvaried law.
2 The thoughtless tribes of mortal men

Along the mighty stream are borne
On to their everlasting home,

That country whence there's no return. 3 Great Source of wisdom, teach our hearts

To know the worth of every hour, That time may bear us on to joys

Beyond its measure and its power.

HYMN 399. L. M. [#]

Gratitude and holy Resolutions.
1 How many millions draw their breath

In lands of ignorance and death,
While God allots my share of time

Within his gospel's favoured clime ! 2 My soul, I charge thee to excel

In thinking right and acting well;
Deep let thy searching powers engage,

Unbiased, in the sacred page.
3 Heighten the force of good desire;

To deeds of shining worth aspire ;
More firm in fortitude, despise
The world's seducing vanities.

4 Strong and more strong thy passions rule,

Advancing still in virtue's school;
Contending still, with noble strife,
To imitate thy Saviour's life.


HYMN 400. C. M. [#]

Holy Exultations.
1 GLORY to God that walks the sky,

And sends his blessings through,
That tells his saints of joys on high,

And gives a taste below.
2 Cheerful I feast on heavenly fruit,

And drink the pleasures down,
Pleasures that flow around the foot

Of God's eternal throne.
3 When shall the time, dear Jesus, when

The shining day appear,
That I shall leave those clouds of sin,

And guilt, and darkness, here? 4 Up to the fields above the skies

My hasty feet would go ;
There everlasting flowers arise,

And joys, unwithering, grow.

25 *

HYMN 401. S. M. [#]

Heavenly Glory on Earth.
1 Come, ye who love the Lord,

And let your joys be known ;
Join in a song, with sweet accord,

While ye surround the throne. 2 The sorrows of the mind

Be banished from this place ;
Religion never was designed

To make our pleasures less. 3 The men of grace have found

Glory begun below;
And heavenly fruits, on earthly groun.,

From faith and hope will grow. 4 The hill of Zion yields

A thousand sacred sweets,
Before we reach the heavenly fields,

Or walk the golden streets. 5 Then let our songs abound,

And every tear be dry;
We're marching through Immanuel's ground

To fairer worlds on high.

HYMN 402. L. M. [#]

Triumphant Anticipations.
1 LORD, what a heaven of saving grace

Shines through the beauties of thy face,
And lights our passions to a flame !
Lord, how we love thy charming name!


2 When I can say, My God is mine,

When I can feel thy glories shine,
I tread the world beneath my feet,

And all that earth calls good or great. 3 While such a scene of sacred joys

Our raptured eyes and souls employs,
Here we could sit, and gaze away

A long, an everlasting day. 4 Well, we shall quickly pass the night,

To the fair coasts of perfect light;
Then shall our joyful senses rove
O’er the dear object of our love.

HYMN 403. S. M. [#]

Day of Rest.
1 WELCOME, sweet day of rest,

That saw the Lord arise ;
Welcome to this reviving breast,

And these rejoicing eyes !
2 The King himself comes near,

And feasts his saints to-day ;
Here we may sit, and see him here,

And love, and praise, and pray.
3 One day, amidst the place


dear Lord is seen, Is sweeter than ten thousand days

Of pleasure and of sin.
4 My willing soul would stay

In such a frame as this,
And sweetly sing herself away

To everlasting bliss.


HYMN 404. L. M. [#]

Heavenly Aspirations. 1 Lord, could I learn those hallowed strains

Which wake the raptures of the skies, And view by faith the sacred plains

Where streams of living transport rise, 2 Joyful I'd quit each scene below;

No mortal charm my heart should bind; Fearless through death's lone vale I'd go,

Nor cast one lingering look behind. 3 O send thy spirit from above

To fan my fervour to a flame;
Display the fulness of thy love,

And all the glories of thy name :
4 Then shall my breast with rapture glow,

And joys seraphic swell my song ;
Then, mid these dull delights below,

Shall strains divine employ my tongue.

HYMN 405. C. P. M. [#]

Delighting in divine Goodness.
1 PARENT of good, thy works of might
I trace with wonder and delight ;

Thy name is all divine :
There's nought in earth, or sea, or air,
Or heaven itself, that's good or fair,

But is entirely thine.
2 Immensely high thy glories rise ;
They strike my soul with sweet surprise,

And sacred pleasure yield;

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