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An ocean wide without a bound,
Where every noble wish is drowned,

And every want is filled.
3 To thee my warm affections move,
In sweet astonishment and love,

While at thy feet I fall :

pant for nought beneath the skies;
To thee my ardent wishes rise,


eternal All!

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+, HYMN 406. C. M. [#]

Spiritual and eternal Joy.
1 From thee, O God, my joys shall rise,

And run eternal rounds,
Beyond the limits of the skies,

And all created bounds.
2 The holy triumphs of my soul

Shall death itself outbrave,
Leave dull mortality behind,

And fly beyond the grave. 3 There, where my glorious Saviour reigns,

In heaven's unmeasured space,
I'll spend a long eternity

In pleasure and in praise.
4 Millions of years my wondering eyes

Shall o'er thy beauties rove, And endless ages I'll adore

The glories of thy love.

HYMN 407. C. M. [#]

Exulting in God's Praise. 1 My soul shall bless thee, O my God,

Through all my mortal days, And to eternity prolong

Thy vast, thy boundless praise.
2 In each bright hour of peace and hope,

Be this my sweet employ;
Thy praise refines my earthly bliss,

And doubles all my joy.
3 When gloomy care, or keen distress,

Invades my throbbing breast,
My tongue shall learn to speak thy praise,

And othe my pains to rest.
4 Nor shall my tongue alone proclaim

The honours of my God;
My life, with all my active powers,

Shall spread his praise abroad.
5 When death is past, in purer strains

My grateful praise I'll pay;
The theme demands a nobler song,

And an eternal day.

HYMN 408. L. M. [#]

A Call to universal and fervent Praise. 1 Praise ye the Lord ! let praise employ,

In his own courts, your songs of joy ;
The spacious firmament again
Shall echo back the joyful strain.

2 Awake the trumpet's piercing sound,

To spread your sacred pleasure round;
And let the cymbal, sounding high,

To softer, deeper notes reply;
3 Let all whom life and breath inspire

Attend and join the blissful choir ;
Harmonious, let the concert rise,
And bear the rapture to the skies.

HYMN 409. S. M. [#]

Song of Moses and the Lamb.
1 AWAKE, and sing the song

Of Moses and the Lamb ;
Wake every heart and every tongue,

To praise the Saviour's name.
2 Sing of his dying love ;

Sing of his rising power ;
Sing how he intercedes above

For those whose sins he bore.
3 Sing till ye feel your hearts

Ascending with your tongues ;
Sing till the love of sin departs,

And grace inspires your songs.
4 Soon shall ye hear him say,

Ye ransomed children, come ;
Soon will he call


hence away, And take his wanderers home.

HYMN 410. S. M. [#]

Christian Hope and Joy.
1 CHRISTIANS, dismiss your fear,

Let hope and joy succeed;
The welcome news with gladness hear;

The Lord is risen indeed !
2 The shades of death withdrawn,

His eyes their beams display;
So wakes the sun, when rosy

Unbars the gates of day.
3 Angelic hosts above

The rising victor sing,
And all the blissful seats of love

With loud hosannas ring.
4 Ye pilgrims, too, below,

Your hearts and voices raise;
Let every breast with gladness glow,

And every mouth be praise.

HYMN 411. 10 & 11s. M. [#]

Praise and Exultation. 1 O PRAISE ye the Lord; prepare a new song,

And let all his saints in full concert join ; With voices united the anthem prolong,

And show forth his praises with music divine. 2 Let praise to the Lord, who made us, ascend;

Let each grateful heart be glad in its King; The God whom we worship our songs will attend, And view with complacence the offering we


3 Be joyful, ye saints, sustained by his might,

And let your glad song awake with each morn; For those who obey hin are still his delight;

His hand with salvation the meek will adorn. 4 Then praise ye the Lord; prepare a glad song,

And let all his saints in full concert join ; With voices united the anthem prolong,

And show forth his praises with music divine.

HYMN 412. S. M. [#]

Rejoicing in the Hope set before us.
1 Now let our voices join

To form a sacred song ;
Ye pilgrims, in Jehovah's ways,

With music pass along.
2 The flowers of paradise

In rich profusion spring ;
The Sun of glory gilds the path,

And dear companions sing.
3 See Salem's golden spires

In beauteous prospect rise ;
And brighter crowns than mortals wear,

Which sparkle through the skies.
4 All honour to his name,

Who marks the shining way;
To him, who leads the wanderers on
To realms of endless day!


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