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HYMN 413. C. M. [#]

God the Soul's highest Delight.
1 My God, the Spring of all my joys,

The Life of my delights,
The Glory of my brightest days,

And Comfort of my nights ! 2 In darkest shades if he

My dawning is begun :
He is my soul's sweet Morning-star,

And he my rising Sun. 3 The opening heavens around me shine

With beams of sacred bliss,
While Jesus shows his heart is mine,

And whispers, I am his. 4 My soul would leave this heavy clay

At that transporting word,
Run up with joy the shining way,

To meet my dearest Lord.
5 Fearless of pains and ghastly death,

I'd break through every foe;
The wings of love and arms of faith

Should bear me conqueror through.

HYMN 414. H. M. [#]

Beauty and Exultation of Zion.
1 O Zion, tune thy voice,

And raise thy hands on high;
Tell all the earth thy joys,

And shout salvation nigh :

Cheerful in God, arise and shine,
And wide extend thy rays divine.
2 He gilds thy morning face

With beams that cannot fade;
His all-resplendent grace

He sheds upon thy head :
Thy form the nations round shall view,
Divinely crowned with lustre new.
3 In honour to his name

Reflect that sacred light,
And loud that grace proclaim

Which makes thy darkness bright; His praise pursue, till sovereign love The glory raise in worlds above,

HYMN 415. L. M. [#]

Joyful View of God's Works. 1 Now, to the God, to whom all might

And glory in all worlds belong, Who fills, unseen, his throne of light,

Come, let us sing a joyful song. 2 His spirit wrapped the mantling air,

Of old, around our infant earth, And, on her bosom, warm and fair,

Gave her young Lord his joyous birth. 3 He smiles on morning's rosy way;

He paints the gorgeous clouds of eren ; To noon he gives its ripening ray ;

To night the view of glorious heaven. 4 He drives along those sparkling globes

In circles of unerring truth;

He decks them all in radiant robes,

And crowns them with eternal youth. 5 So will he crown the upright mind,

When life and all its toils are o'er : Then let his praise, on every wind,

Rise, till the winds shall wake no more.

HYMN 416. C. M. [#]

Joy and Praise.
1 MORTALS, awake; exult in God;

His lasting honours raise ;
His wondrous works and boundless love

Demand unceasing praise.
2 His bounteous hand gives every good,

Makes earth with mercy shine,
And guides us to a life, through Christ,

Immortal and divine.
3 My soul shall lift his honours high,

Till death shall still my tongue;
Then, mid the realms of endless bliss,

Revive the rapturous song.

HYMN 417. C. M. [#]

Delight in the Presence of God. 1 The presence, Lord, gives pure delight,

Our sorrows takes away, Dispels the darkness of our night,

And spreads effulgent day. 2 Like water to the thirsty soul

Are flowings of thy love,

Thy spirit sways with soft control,

And bears our thoughts above.
3 Why should we then decline from thee?

In search of folly rove?
Or strive to set our passions free

From these soft bands of love? 4 Extend around thy loving arms,

Infold us in thy breast,
Where, captives to resistless charms,

Our joyful souls may rest.

HYMN 418. 61. L. M. [#]

Angelic Strains responded. 1 ARRAYED in clouds of golden light,

More bright than heaven's resplendent bow, Jehovah's angel came by night,

To bless the sleeping world below: How soft the music of his tongue !

How sweet the hallowed strains he sung! 2 Good will henceforth to man be given ;

The light of glory beams on earth;
Let angels tune the harps of heaven,

And saints below rejoice with mirth:
On Bethlehem's plains the shepherds sing,
And Judah's children hail their King.

26 *


HYMN 419. C. M. [ #or 6 ]

1 WAILE thee I seek, protecting Power,

Be my vain wishes stilled;
And may this consecrated hour

With better hopes be filed. 2 Thy love the power of thought bestowed;

To thee my thoughts would soar :
Thy mercy o'er my life has flowed;

That mercy I adore.
3 In each event of life, how clear

Thy ruling hand I see !
Each blessing to my soul more dear,

Because conferred by thee.
4 In every joy that crowns my days,

In every pain I bear,
My heart shall find delight in praise,

Or seek relief in prayer.
5 When gladness wings my favoured hour,

Thy love my thoughts shall fill;
Resigned when storms of sorrow lower,

My soul shall meet thy will. 6 My lifted eye, without a tear,

The gathering storm shall see;
My steadfast heart shall know no fear;

That heart will rest on thee.

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