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HYMN 420. C. M. [6]

Secret Devotion.
1 FATHER divine, thy piercing eye

Looks through the shades of night;
In deep retirement thou art nigh,

With heart discerning-sight.
2 There shall that piercing eye survey

My humble worship paid
With every morning's dawning ray,

And every evening's shade.
3 I'll leave behind each earthly care;

To thee my soul shall soar;
While grateful praise and fervent prayer

Employ the silent hour.
4 So shall the visits of thy love

My soul in secret bless;
So shalt thou deign, in worlds above,

Thy suppliant to confess.

HYMN 421. L. M. [# or b ]

Devout Considerations and Desires.
1 As showers on meadows newly mown

The Lord shall shed his blessings down;
Crowned with whose life-infusing drops,

Earth shall renew her blissful crops. 2 Lands that, beneath a burning sky,

Have long been desolate and dry,
Effusions of his love shall share,
And sudden life and verdure wear.

3 The dews and rains, in all their store,

Drenching the pastures o’er and o'er,
Are not so copious as that grace

Which sanctifies and saves our race. 4 As, in soft silence, vernal showers

Descend, and cheer the fainting flowers,
So, in tlre secrecy of love,

Falls the sweet influence from above. 5 That heavenly influence let me find

In holy silence of the mind,
While every grace maintains its bloom,

Diffusing wide its rich perfume.
6 Nor let these blessings be confined

To ine, but poured on all mankind,
Till earth's wild wastes in verdure rise,
a young

Eden bless our eyes.

HYMN 422. C. M. [# or 6 ]

Breathing after the holy Spirit.
i Come, holy Spirit, heavenly Dove,

With all thy quickening powers;
Kindle a flame of sacred love

In these cold hearts of ours.
2 Look, how we grovel here below,

Fond of these trifling toys;
Our souls can neither fly nor go

To reach eternal joys.
3 In vain we tune our formal songs,

In vain we strive to rise;
Hosannas languish on our tongues,

And our devotion dies.

4 Dear Lord, and shall we ever live

At this poor dying rate ?
Our love so faint, so cold to thee,

And thine to us so great ?
5 Come, holy Spirit, heavenly Dove,

With all thy quickening powers; Come, shed abroad a Saviour's love,

And that shall kindle ours.

HYMN 423. L. M. [#]

Pleasures of Devotion. 1 FAR from my thoughts, vain world, be gone;

Let my religious hours alone :
Fain would my eyes my Saviour see;

I wait a visit, Lord, froin thee.
2 My heart grows warm with holy fire,

And kindles with a pure desire ;
Come, my dear Jesus, from above,

And feed my soul with heavenly love. 3 Blest Jesus, what delicious fare !

How sweet thine entertainments are !
Never did angels taste, above,

Redeeming grace and dying love. 4 Hail, great Immanuel, all divine !

In thee thy Father's glories shine,
Thou brightest, sweetest, fairest one,
That eyes have seen, or angels known!

HYMN 424. L. M. [#] Spiritual Provisions devoutly acknowledged. 1 The Lord, our Shepherd, feeds his flock,

And shades them with the towering rock;
Our God provides each heavenly good,

And fills our souls with lasting food. 2 Where pastures grow in living green,

And spread a rich and flowing scene,
There do we rest, when toil o'ercomes,

Inhaling all the sweet perfumes. 3 Where waters of salvation flow,

To cheer the humble vale below,
There doth our Shepherd kindly guide,

And for our parching thirst provide. 4 When from this fold we ever stray,

He marks our wandering, devious way,
Reclaims our souls to blissful rest,

And brings us leaning on his breast. 5 Shepherd and Bishop of my soul,

O make thy wounded servant whole;
Continue all thy gifts of love,
Till I shall reach thy fold above.

HYMN 425. 7s M. [# or b]

Devout Thanks and Supplication. 1 Thanks for mercies past receive;

Pardon of our sins renew ;
Teach us, henceforth, how to live,

With eternity in view.

2 Bless thy word to old and young;

Grant us, Lord, thy peace and love; And, when life's short race is run,

Take us to thy house above.

HYMN 426. C. M. [#]

Devout Desires.
1 ETERNAL Source of life and light,

Supremely good and wise,
To thee we bring our grateful vows,

To thee lift up our eyes.
2 Our dark and erring minds illume

With truth's celestial rays;
Inspire our hearts with sacred love,

And tune our lips to praise.
3 Safely conduct us by thy grace,

Through life's perplexing road,
To pleasures which forever Aow

At thy right hand, O God.

HYMN 427. 8 1. L. M. [ #or b ]

God's Presence the Refuge of the Afflicted. 1 When dre:id misfortune's tempests rise,

And roar through all ihe darkened skies,
Where shall the trembling pilgrim gain
A shelter from the wind and rain ?
Within the covert of thy grace,
O Lord, there is a hiding-place,
Where, unconcerncd, we hear the sound,

Though storm and tempest rage around. 2 When, wandering o'er the desert bare,

Of burning sands and sultry air,

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