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HYMN 94. L. M. [#]

The all-seeing God. 1 LORD, thou hast searched and seen me through;

Thine eye commands, with piercing view,
My rising and my resting hours,

My heart and flesh, with all their powers. 2 My thoughts, before they are my own,

Are to my God distinctly known ;
He knows the words I mean to speak,

Ere from my opening lips they break. 3 Within thy circling power I stand;

On every side I find thy hand :
Awake, asleep, at home, abroad,

I am surrounded still with God.
4 Amazing knowledge, vast and great!

What large extent! what lofty height'
My soul, with all the powers I boast,

Is in the boundless prospect losi.
5 O may these thoughts possess my breast

Where'er 1 rove, where'er I rest!
Nor let my weaker passions dare
Consent to sin ; for God is there.


HYMN 95. 8 & 7's. M. [#]

Thanksgiving for Divine Mercy. 1 SOVEREIGN Lord of light and glory,

Author of our mortal frame,
Joyfully we bow before thee,
And extol thy holy name :

Ever sacred be the theme !
2 Kind Dispenser of each blessing

Which surrounds the human race,
May we, gratefully possessing,
Still adore thy boundless grace :

Praise to God, immortal praise !
3 Thus, with humble adoration,

We attend before thy throne,
And, with grateful exultation,
Thine abundant mercy own :

Praise belongs to thee alone,
4 In thy every dispensation,

Love and mercy we descry;
Thou, the God of our salvation,
To preserve us, still art nigh:

Glory be to God on high.

HYMN 96. L. M. [#]

Devout Aspirations.
1 SUPREME and universal Light,

Fountain of reason, Judge of right,
Parent of good, whose blessings flow

On all above, and all below;
2 Without thy kind, directing ray,

In everlasting night we stray,
From passion still to passion tossed,

And in a maze of error lost. 3 Assist us, Lord, to act, to be

What nature and thy laws decree;
Worthy that bright, that mental flame,

Which froin thy breathing spirit came. 4 May our expanded souls disclaim

The narrow view, the selfish aim,
And with a Christian zeal embrace

Whate'er is friendly to our race.
5 O Father, grace and virtue grant;

No more we wish, no more we want :
To know, to serve thee, and to love,
Is peace below, is bliss above.

HYMN 97. H. M. [#]

Prayer and Confidence.
1 LORD of the skies, look down,

And hearken to our prayers ;
Shine from thy gracious throne,

And chase away our fears :

Then to thy name a song we'll raise,
And every note shall swell with praise.
2 Enlighten every mind,

heart with grace;
May every spirit find

Í'hat God is in the place :
Then to his name a song we'll raise,
And every note shall swell with praise.
3 Hark! hark! 'tis Jesus' voice ;

0, listen to his word ;
He says, Ye saints, rejoice,

For all your prayers are heard :
Then to his name a song

we'll raise,
And every note shall swell with praise.
4 Soon shall the Saviour give

Our souls their full desire;
And we with him shall live,
And all his

grace admire :
Then to his name a song we'll raise,
And every note shall swell with praise.

HYMN 98. L. M. [ #]

Prayer and Faith.
1 Core, gracious Lord, descend and dwell
By faith and love in


; Then shall we know, and taste, and feel,

The joys that cannot be expressed. 2 Come, fill our hearts with inward strength,

Make our expanded souls possess, And learn the height, and breadth, and length

Of thine unmeasurable grace.

3 Now to the God whose power can do

More than our thoughts and wishes know, Ee everlasting honours done,

By all the world, through Christ his Son.

HYMN 99. C. M. [#]

Universal Prayer.
1 FATHER of all, whose cares extend

To earth's remotest shore,
Through every age let praise ascend,

And every clime adore.
2 Let not this weak, unknowing hand

Presume thy bolts to throw,
And deal destruction round the land,

On each I judge thy foe.
3 If I am right, thy grace impart,

Still in the right to stay;
If I am wrong, O teach my heart

To find that better way.
4 Mean though I am, not wholly so,

Since quickened by thy breath ;
Lord, lead me wheresoe'er I go,

Through this day's life or death.
5 This day be bread and peace my lot :

All else beneath the sun
Thou knowest if best bestowed or not ;

And let thy will be done.
6 To thee, whose temple is all space,

Whose altar, earth, sea, skies,
One chorus let all beings raise ;

All nature's incense rise.

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