Halt! who Goes There?

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McClelland, Goodchild & Stewart, Publishers, 1916 - 112 pagine

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Pagina vi - This royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle, This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars, This other Eden, demi-paradise, This fortress built by Nature for herself Against infection and the hand of war, This happy breed of men, this little world, This precious stone set in the silver sea...
Pagina 68 - Countrymen, My heart doth joy that yet, in all my life, I found no man but he was true to me. I shall have glory by this losing day, More than Octavius and Mark Antony By this vile conquest shall attain unto. So fare you well at once; for Brutus...
Pagina 98 - Many things seen, heard, and thought during travels at home, on sea and oversea, in the war-time which we call 'Armageddon.' It is a chronicle of war impressions gathered during travel, near and far, on its edges red and jagged. " " This indeed is a book of the war but it is not like the others. There is in it nothing that is harsh, cruel, ugly, such as there must be in nearly every other volume that is wrought about Armageddon. There is sadness in it but it is a sweet sadness. There is an immensity...
Pagina 99 - GP PUTNAM'S SONS NEW YORK LONDON THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY REFERENCE DEPARTMENT This book is under no circumstances to be taken from the Building...
Pagina 27 - MY dark Rosaleen, Do not sigh, do not weep! The priests are on the ocean green, They march along the deep. There's wine from the royal Pope, Upon the ocean green; And Spanish ale shall give you hope, My dark Rosaleen!
Pagina 93 - THERE is a hill in England, Green fields and a school I know, Where the balls fly fast in summer, And the whispering elm-trees grow, A little hill, a dear hill, And the playing fields below. There is a hill in Flanders, Heaped with a thousand slain, Where the shells fly night and noontide And the ghosts that died in vain, — A little hill, a hard hill To the souls that died in pain. There is a hill in Jewry, Three...
Pagina 10 - Nelson touch,' it was like an electric shock. Some shed tears, all approved — ' It was new — it was singular — it was simple ! ' and, from admirals downwards, it was repeated — ' It must succeed, if ever they will allow us to get at them! You are, my Lord, surrounded by friends whom you inspire with confidence.
Pagina 94 - SON of the womb of her, Loved till doom of her, Thought of the brain of her, Heart of her side, She joyed and grieved in him, Hoped, believed in him: — God grew fain of her, And she died. Died, and horribly Saw the mystery, Saw the grime, of it — That hid soul; Saw the slime of it, Saw it whole. O mother, mother, for all the sweet John saith, O mother, was not this the Second Death?
Pagina 41 - But, my dear friend, I know you are so true and loyal an Englishwoman, that you would hate those who would not stand forth in defence of our King, Laws, Religion, and all that is dear to us. It is your sex that make us go forth; and seem to tell us — 'None but the brave deserve the fair.
Pagina 95 - Jt Selection from the Catalogue of GP PUTNAM'S SONS Complete Catalogues sent on application THE SCIENCE SERIES EDITED BV EDWARD LEE THORNDIKE, PH.D., AND FE BEDDARD, MA, FRS i.— The Study of Man.

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