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THE text of the twelve orations in this collection is mainly based upon that of Orelli's edition of Cicero's select orations, which was published at Zurich in 1836. Most of the emendations of R. Klotz (who has published a complete edition of Cicero's orations, Leipzig, 1835-39, 3 vols. 8vo.), which are approved of by Orelli, have been received into the text of the present edition; while the doubtful readings, marked by Orelli with †, have been changed chiefly according to his own suggestions because it appeared to be inconsistent with the character of a school-book to render the meaning obscure by leaving the reading doubtful, or by printing a passage in a fragmentary form. As far as the notes are concerned, advantage has been taken of the school editions of Otto, Crusius, Weiske, Matthiæ, of Wernsdorf's edition of the Philippics, and of C. G. Zumpt's edition of the orations against Verres, as well as of other editions of particular orations. Use has also been made of the great Neapolitan edition of 1777, in which are printed the commentaries of Muretus, Lambinus, Manutius, Abramius, Hotomannus, Camerarius, Graevius, Garatonius, Ferratius, and others; and in which all that is necessary is so satisfactorily explained, that the more recent commentators have rarely been able to give anything new or better. According to the plan of the series of which this volume forms a part, a biographic sketch of Cicero has been prefixed; but those who wish for further information about the author, must be referred to Middleton's excellent life, which cannot be strongly enough recommended to the student, as the production of an ardent admirer of the great Roman orator, and as a work written in a most amiable spirit.


BERLIN, April 1849.

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