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Library, Oxford. Quære if the volume were not printed at Cologne.

The New Testament translated by Wm. Tyndale (1528 or 1529). 12mo. А сору, imperfect, is in the library of Emanuel College, Cambridge. It is printed in black letter within border lines of red ink, and the head line throughout, the head of each book and chapter, the notation marks and most of the initial letters, are also in red. The volume has marginal references, a small woodcut at the beginning of most of the books, and larger ones in the Revelations, also glosses at the end of the chapters. It commences on iij in the middle of A prologe unto the newe Testament.' The Gospell of S. Mathew. What S. Matthew conteyneth.' 2 leaves. The first leaf of the text is wanting. The Testament ends on the reverse of K.k. v. then on the same page 'Here folowe the Epistles.' The copy terminates on m.m. 6, in eights, has no folios, and a full page contains 37 lines exclusive of the head line. See Cotton's List of Editions of the Bible, p. 129.

The New Testament translated by William Tyndale. 1529. 12mo.

The New Testament translated by Wm. Tyndale, 1530. 12mo. According to Bishop Tomline, a more correct translation than the former.

The New Testament as it was written, and caused to be written by them which herde yt. whom also our Saveour Christ Jesus commanded that they shoulde preach it vnto all creatures. Andwerp by me Wydow of Chrystophall of Endhoven in M. D. XXXIIII. in August. 16mo. Copies of this edition by Joye are in the Baptist Museum at Bristol and in Lord Pembroke's collection. Collation. -The leaves are not numbered, and the volume by signatures in eights extends to Cc. A full page has 35 lines and there are cuts in the Revelations, at the end of which is the Colophon. At the commencement of the volume is a calendar, and at the end a table of the epistles. St. Mark begins on GIV. Acts on U. vi. b. Romans on c. iiii. Ephesians on m. St. James on u. And Revelations on See Cotton's List of Editions of the Bible, pp. 2, 88-9, 129, also Ames' Typogr. Antiq. by Herbert, p. 1831.

The New Testament as it was written and caused to be written by them herde yt whom also our Saueoure Christ Jesus commaunded that they shulde preach it unto al Creatures. Antwerpe by me Wydowe of Christoffel of Endhoue, 1534, in August. 16mo. Collation.Title, at the back of which is 'an almanacke for xviij yeres'; then follows the calendar, six leaves, after which the Gospel of St. Matthew commences, on the second leaf of which sign. a commences. The sign. run a to z, A to H. Then the Epistles commence with a separate

title-page The Epistles of the Apostle, S. Paul.' &c. on Sign. A ai and extend to Ccc. The signatures all are in eights, except C cc, which has six leaves. The Rt. Hon. Thomas Grenville observes, 'The Bibliographers have all agreed in stating that only three copies of this rare edition are known-viz. in St. Paul's Library-Lord Pembroke's at Wilton- and at Bristol from Dr. Gifford, Dr. Cotton, very curious in his researches on this subject, assures me that, after the most diligent examination of the above three libraries, he has ascertained beyond all question that the present edition is not in any of those three libraries, neither does he believe that any other copy than mine is to be found. It appears that when the Flemish booksellers began in August, 1534, to print Tyndale's English New Testament, they employed Joy to correct the Press, in doing which he made several changes in it. Tyndale, dissatisfied with this, had another edition printed at Antwerp by Emperour, in November 1534, in the preface to which he complains of the changes made by Joy in the present edition, and particularly charges him with having studiously omitted or changed the word 'Resurrection' in many passages which Tyndale quotes. Joy, in reply, wrote An Apology' in the same year, 1534, which is now a rare tract.'

The Newe Testament dylygently corrected and compared with the Greke by Willyam Tindale, and fynesshed in the Yere of oure Lorde God A. M. D. & xxxiiij. in the moneth of Nouember. sm. 8vo. Tyndale's second Edition, in black letter, with wood cuts, and with a preface against George Joye. In this edition first appeared the celebrated Prologue to the Romans (occupying 34 pages), respecting which some controversy ensued. In the marginal notes to this edition, the following contradiction occurs, 'Loue is the fyrst precept and cause of all other'; on the opposite page Fayth is the fyrst comaudement: and loue the seconde' &c. Bishop Randolph, 1424, table at the end imperfect, 57. 10s. Dent, pt. ii. 682, title and some leaves wanting, morocco, 5l. 2s. 6d. Williams, 1753, wanting the first title and reverse leaf, GI in the Epistles to the Romans, CC in the Epistles to the Old Testament, and last leaf at the end, 51. 5s. Copies are in the British Museum, St. Paul's Library, Bodl. Lib., Exeter Coll. Lib. Oxford, and Baptist Museum at Bristol. The copy in Exeter Coll. Lib. is printed on yellow-stained paper. The British Museum has 3 copies, one on white paper, one on yellow, and a third splendidly printed on VELLUM, with illuminations, formerly belonging to Queen Anna Boleyn, from the Cracherode collection, but unfortunately wanting the prefatory matter. Collation.—Title, one leaf; W. T. to the Christen reader', 17 pages; 'A prologe into the iiii Evangelystes,' 4

pages; Willyam Tindale yet once more to the Christen reader', 9 pages; a second title-page 'The newe Testament. Imprinted at Anwerp by Marten Emperowr. Anno M.D.xxxiiij.' The folios run to cccc, after which are two tables, one containing 16 pages, the other 5 pages. The signatures run in eights, and a full page has 33 lines. The volume has marginal references and notes, some of the latter are in the Roman letter-it has wood-cuts in the Revelations, also some small ones at the beginning of the Gospel and of some of the Epistles. St. Matthew begins on fol. ii. St. Mark, on xlv. b. Acts, on clvi. b. Romans, on ccxx. b. Ephesians, on cclxxviii. b. James, on cccxlviii. b. Revelations, on ccclv. See Cotton's List of Editions of the Bible, pp. 3, 89, 96-7, and 129-30.

The New Testament, by William Tindale. 1534. 12mo. A surreptitious edition of the preceding. Copies are in the British Museum, Balliol Coll. Lib. Oxford, and Baptist Museum at Bristol. Specimens of the version will be found in Cotton's List of the Editions of the Bible, pp. 89 and 97.

The Newe Testament, Anno M. D. XXXIIII. 12mo. A different edition from the preceding. A copy is in the Bodleian, and a copious description of the volume will be found in Cotton's List of various Editions of the Bible,

p. 131-2.

The New Testament by William Tindale. (1534). 4to. A copy, imperfect, is in the Baptist Museum at Bristol.

The New Testament by William Tindale (1535). fol. Dr. Cotton notices an imperfect copy, and observes, 'this edition retains the contradictory note in the 1st epistle of St. John, and is therefore probably to be ascribed to this or the following year.'

The New Testament, dylygently corrected and compared with the Greke by Wyllyam Tindale and fynesshed in M. D. and xxxv. 12mo. A copy is in Exeter College Library. Collation.-Title, and preface by Tindale, leaves (wanting in the copy collated by Dr. Cotton); A prologe to the Epistle to the Romans,' 16 leaves; 'A table for the foure Evangelistes,' &c. A table for the Actes of the Apostles', together 12 leaves; a second titlepage, on the reverse of which is given a list of the bokes conteyned' and 'A prologe of S. Matthew.' The text of St. Matthew beThe gins on fol. ii. St. Mark, on fol. xl. Acts, on fol. cxxxiii. Romans, on fol. clxxiii. Hebrews, on fol. cclv. Revelation, on fol. cclxxi, and the volume concludes on. The signatures run in eights, and there are marginal references, and heads of chapters, but no notes; likewise wood-cuts at the beginning of each Gospel, and in the Revelation, larger ones, occupying about two-thirds of the page. A full page contains 38 lines.

See Cotton's List of Editions of the Bible, pp. 3 and 168. Mr. Offor, who has a large collection of early editions of Bibles and New Testaments, is of opinion that this is a pirated edition, probably printed in Holland.

The newe Testament yet ones agayne corrected by W. Tyndale: And in many Places ameded, where it scaped before by Neglygence of the Printer. Also a Kalendar and a necessary Table, wherin easely & lyghtly may be founde any Story cōteyned in the foure Euangelystes, and in the Actes of the Apostels. Also before euery Pystel of S. Paul is a Prologue very frutefull to the Reder. And after the newe Testament foloweth the Epystels of the olde Testament, &c. Newly printed (by Tho. Berthelet) in the Yere Collation.of our Lorde 1536. folio. Prefixes, viz. Almanake, Kalender, W. T. to the Christen Reder, a Prologue into the foure Euangelystes with a table, the Offyce of all Estates, & the Bokes conteyned in the newe Testament, 14 leaves. The folios run to ccv. then the table of the epistles and the gospels, after which 'These Thinges are added to fyll vp the Leffe withall.' &c. 4 leaves. The whole R r 5, in sixes. A copy is in the Bodleian Library.

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The newe Testament yet once agayne corrected by Willyam Tindale: where vnto is lightelye may be foude any Storye contaynd added a necessarye Table: wherin easely and in the foure Euangelistes, and in the Actes of the Apostles. Prynted in the yere of oure Lorde God. M. D. and XXXVI. 4to. Black letter, with several wood-cuts, probably printed at Andwarpe by Symon Cowke.' This edition has all Tyndale's prologues; and, notwithstanding the table mentioned in the title page, has the syllabus of each chapter prefixed thereto, throughout the Evangelists and the Acts, but none to the Epistles. A copy is in the Bodleian Library. Collation.-A, four leaves; a to r, in eights, and s, six leaves; then a title page The epistles of the Apostle Saynet Paul' and 'a prologe vpon the Epistle of Saynet Paul to the Romayns', together seven leaves; then sign. t to z, and A to H, in eights; I has ten leaves and †, containing the table, eight leaves. Mr. Offor is justly of opinion, having in his own possession the three editions printed in 1536, that this was the first and favourite edition. It is the most correct and handsomely printed of the three, and is easily to be distinguished, having the wood-cutter's mark under the portrait of St. Paul. See Herbert's Ames, p. 1545, where a similar wood-cut is described. The small woodcuts are copied from a Missale ad Usum Diocesis Leodiensis, printed at Paris by Francis Byrckman, in 1513. In this edition a line in the first epistle to the Corinthians, ch. XI. let. D, this cup is the newe testament in my bloude' is omitted, an omission which occurs


in many subsequent editions which Mr. Offor supposed to have been copied from it.

The newe Testament &c. 1536. 4to. This edition is a fac-simile of the former both

in type and wood-cuts, size of page, number of lines, folios, catchwords, &c. and could only be distinguished by actual comparison. In the wood-cut of St. Paul prefixed to his epistles, instead of the wood-cutter's mark is the figure of a mole. The line in Corinthians is also omitted. A copy is in the Bodleian Library.

The newe Testament &c. 1536. 4to. Another fac-simile reprint, distinguishable by the wood-cut of St. Paul having a blank stone under his feet, the wood-cutter's mark or mole being omitted. The error in Corinthians is supplied in Mr. Offor's copy; but in a copy of this edition in the possession of the Rev. Mr. Fletcher, of Southwell, in Nottinghamshire, the above line is omitted.

The newe Testament (1536). sm. 8vo. Black letter, with wood-cuts in the Revelation. A copy of this edition of Tyndale's New Testament is in the possession of Mr. Offor, wanting the title-page. The leaf in Corinthians, which contains the line referred to, omitted in the former editions of 1536, in 4to. is here reprinted in a different type and the line inserted. Imperfect copies also containing this reprinted leaf are in the British Museum and St. Paul's Libraries. The edition is easily identified by the error in the heading of the table, This is the Ta Table' and by the words omitted in the first epistle of Peter, chap. II. vnto the kynge as vnto the chefe heed'. See also Dr. Cotton's List of various Editions of the Bible, pp. 130-1.

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The Newe Testament newely corrected, 1536. 12mo. Tyndale's edition. Copies are in the Libraries of Lambeth Palace, and the Baptist Museum, Bristol. See Cotton's List of various Editions of the Bible, pp. 4, 89-90, 97-8, and 133, on which latter page is a correct collation of the edition.

The Newe Testament by W. Tindale. (1536). A fragment of this elegant and thick pocket volume of an edition smaller in size to all the preceding, printed in a foreign type, with handsome uncial letters unknown to all bibliographers, is in the possession of Mr. Offor. The contradictory marginal note in Ep. 1 John, c. 4, is omitted, with many others, and all the prologues. The line in Corinthians, before alluded to, was omitted, but has been supplied in 'the margin from a different, and probably English, fount of type. The folios are in Roman capitalsJohn's Gospel commences on the reverse of CLV, Romans on CCLX, and Hebrews on the reverse of cccxcII. A perfect copy would contain at least 450 leaves.

The Newe Testament in Englyshe and Latyn, according to the Translacyon of Doctour Erasmus of Roterodam; set forth vnder

the Kynges most gracious Lycence. Impr. by Rob. Redman, 1538. 4to. The text of this impression is that of Tyndale copied from Matthew's Bible of 1537, and the controverted passage of St. John (1 Ep. ch. v. 7), is put within a parenthesis. Duke of Grafton, 57, morocco, 27. 10s. A copy is in the Bodleian Library, Royal Institution, in Exeter College, in Balliol College, and in Earl Spencer's Collection. Collation. The title, in red and black, is within a wood-cut, then follows an almanacke for 22 years, beginning 1539; a calendar, 6 leaves, and a second title in black only, 'The newe Testament in Englyshe & in Latin Novum Testamentum Anglice et Latine, anno Dñi 1538.' Revelation ends on fol. cclxxxxii, after which are the Pystles of the Olde Testament, 8 leaves, and tables, 4 leaves.

The newe Testament of our Sauioure Jesu Christ, newly and diligently translated in to Englysshe by Thomas Mathew, with Annotations in ye Mergent to help the Reader to the Vnderstayding of the Texte. Set forth with the Kynges moost gratious Lycense. Anno M.D.Xxxviii. 4to. This edition consists of fol. c. XXXI. the title and table included. The title is in a compartment used by P. Treveris to the Polychrcnycon, printed by him for John Reynes, 1527. It has cuts to the book of the Revelation.


The newe Testament, both in Latine and Englyshe translated by Myles Coverdale. Anno. M.CCCCC.XXXVIII. Southwarke by James Nicolson. 4to. This is a new translation by Coverdale from the Latin, the one in his Bible of 1535 being from the Greek. His anxiety was to make it as near the Latin as possible, which gave rise to many singular It was unknown to Lewis and others. Mr. Offor, upon an attentive reading of the two editions, printed this year, one in the name of Coverdale, the other of Hollybush, is satisfied that, though copied one from the other, they are distinct editions, the one by Coverdale is the most incorrect. In Matthew XXVI letter c'before the cock synge, thou shalt denye me thryse' is corrected in the one by Hollybush before the cock do crowe', &c. The singular translalation in Romans xv letter c, lest I shulde buylde vppon another mans fundamente' is the same in both. White Knights, 4198, morocco, 51. 18s. Duke of Grafton, 56, morocco, 71. In Dr. Cotton's List of the various Editions of the Bible, pp 91 and 134-7, is a copious description of the volume, and a few of the variations are given, but he has unfortunately given the folios in roman numerals instead of in figures. His instance of irregularity in the folios is erroneous, it should be as follows, 166, 169, 170, 161, 162, 163, 164, 167, 168, 169, 170, 179, 180, &c.

The newe Testament both in Latine and

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Nicolson. 4to. In this reprint some of the errors in Coverdale's preceding edition were corrected, but it still abounds with singular mistranslations, of which Coverdale in his edition printed at Paris also in 1538 so seriously complains. Perfect copies are in the Bodleian Library and in Mr. Offor's collection, and another imperfect in St. Paul's library. See Lewis' History of the English Translations of the Bible, pp. 112-5, and Dr. Cotton's List of Editions of the Bible, pp. 135-6.

The new Testament both in Latin and English after the vulgare texte which is red in the churche. Translated and corrected by Myles Couerdale: and pryntet in Paris by Fraunces Regnault. M.ccccc.xxxvIII. in Nouembre. Printed for Richard Grafton and Edward Whitchurch cytezens of London. 8vo. In this the errors of the former editions of this year, which are so severely complained of by Coverdale in his preface, are corrected, and the whole so thoroughly revised that it may almost be considered a new translation. According to Fox, in his Martyrology, it was printed at the expense of Bishop Bonnor, and under the immediate care of the translator, and a few copies being sent as presents to the council and officers of state, gained Bonnor, then Bishop of Hereford, the see of London, after which, on Dec. 17, the impression was seized at Paris and destroyed by the inquisition. White Knights, 4093, imperfect, morocco, 51. 2s. 6d. Copies are in the St. Paul's and Baptist Museum Libraries, and another, in beautiful condition, is in Mr. Offor's collection. Collation.-Fol. cclxxiv. not including Title, and dedication to lorde Cromwell,' two leaves; an almanack for xvii. yeares commencing 1539, and kalendar, 4 leaves. The Table commences on the reverse of fol. cclxXIV. and is continued on the two following leaves.

The new Testament faithfully translated and newly corrected by Miles Couerdale, with a true Concordance in the Margent, and many necessary Annotacyons after the Chapters, declarynge sundry harde Places contayned in the Texte. Prynted in the Yeare of our Lorde. 1538. 16mo. See Ames' Typogr. Antiq. by Herbert, iii. 1549.

The New Testament. Antwerp, by Matthew Crom, 1538. sm. 8vo. This is the first edition of the New Testament printed separately from Coverdale's edition of the Bible. It contains Tyndale's prologues, is neatly printed in a small black letter type, with numerous and well executed woodcuts, 48 lines in a full page, no folios, numerous marginal references, and a gloss at the

end of each chapter. See Dr. Cotton's List of various Editions of the Bible, pp. 5, 90, and 99.

New Testament, Lat. and Eng. by Miles Coverdale, Printed by Grafton and Whitchurch, 1539. 8vo. Dr. Cotton supposes this to be the Paris edition of 1538, with a reprinted title and dedication. A copy is in C. C. College Library, Oxford.

The new Testament of our sauiour Jesu Chryst, translated in to English: and newly recognised with great diligence after moost faythfull exemplars by Rycharde Taverner. Prynted in the yere of oure Lorde God M.D.XXXIX. 4to. Printed in a bold black letter type, with a wood-cut at the commencement of each gospel, with signatures but no pagination. A copy, imperfect, is in Mr. Offor's collection.

The new Testament in Englysche after the Greeke Exemplar: diligently translated and corrected by Rycharde Taverner. M.D.XXXIX. London by Thomas Petyt, for Thomas Berthelet. 8vo. or 4to. The new Testament contains fol. cccv. At the end are the epistles from the old Testament to fol. cccxix.; then a table to find the epistles and gospels after the use of Salisbury.

The new Testament. Antwerpe by Matthew Crom, 1539. sm. 8vo. This edition is printed in a larger black letter type than that of 1538, with different wood-cuts. Tyndale's prologues, with the exception of that to the Romans, are also to be found in this edition. For a particular description of the volume, which, according to Mr. Offor, abounds with typographical errors, see Ames' Typogr. Antiq. by Herbert, III. 1549-50.

The Newe Testament in Englyshe, translated after the Texte of Master Erasmus of Roterodame, in Anno M.D. XL. Prynted by Rychard Grafton and Edward Whytchurche. 4to. Contains fol. ccxlII. besides the table to find the epistles and gospels after Salisbury use; by sign. H H 5. Probably it should have another leaf with a colophon. On the back of the title is an almanack for 19 years, beginning 1540, then the kalendar. In the Bodleian Library is a copy on yellow paper.

New Testament according to the Great Bible. London by Richard Grafton, 1546. 12mo. A copy, according to Dr. Cotton, is in the Baptist Museum, Bristol.

The newe Testament both in Englyshe and Latin, with the Annotations of Erasmus. London by Wyllyam Powell, 1547. 4to. A fac-simile reprint of Redman's edition of 1538, distinguishable by having the head line in Roman type, that of the former being in black letter. Williams, 1549, with the portrait of Erasmus inserted, morocco, 91. See Lewis' History of the English Translations of the Bible, p. 155.

The new Testament in Englyshe accordyng to the Translacion of the great Byble. London by Edward Whitchurche, 1547. sm.


Black letter, with wood-cut initials. | Tyndale's Translation. Whereunto are added

A copy is in the collection of Mr. Offor, who conjectures that the edition was suppressed, as a portion of the first chapter of Revelations, about eleven verses is omitted in the printing, viz. from 'I Jhon your brother, and copanion in tribula-' to ' and the seuen golden candelstickes.' This edition is unknown to all bibliographers.

New Testament. London by William Powel, 1548. 4to. According to Dr. Cotton, a copy is in the Lambeth Library.

The newe Testament in Englyssh, according to the Translation of the great Byble. Lond. ex Officina Johann Herfordiæ, 1548. 24mo. On the back of the title is an Almanack for 15 yeares, beginning M.D.xlviii. At the end 'A table to find the Ep. and Gosp. vsually redde in ye Churche after Salysbury's Vse.'

The new Testament. Worcester by John Oswen, 1548. 4to. or folio. Tyndale's glosses or notes are in this edition for the first time printed separately at the end of the volume, and these notes in a separate state are in St. Paul's Library.

The new Testament of our Saviour Christ newly set forth after the best Copie of William Tindale's Translation, whereunto are added the Notes of Thomas Mathewe wyth other, healpynge verie much to the Vnderstandynge of the Text. London by John Day and William Seres, 1548. 16mo. A copy, according to Dr. Cotton, is in Eton College Library.

New Testament. London by J. Daye and W. Seres, 1548. 4to.

The new Testamente by William Tindale, with the Annotations of Thomas Matthew. 1548. sm. 8vo. This edition (of which Mr. Offor has a copy wanting the title-page) is printed in black letter with wood-cuts. The almanack commences with the year 1549.

New Testament by W. Tindale. London, by Richard Jugge (1548). 24mo. The smaller editions by Jugge are similar to those in 4to. being printed without dates, and having the portrait of King Edward VI. on the title-page.

The newe Testament of the last Translation, by William Tyndale, with the Prologes and Annotacyons in the Margent, declaring many hard Phrases conteyned in the Text: also in the latter Ende followeth the Epistles of the olde Testament. London by Thomas Petyt, 1548. 4to. According to Dr. Cotton, a copy is in Lincoln College library.

The Newe Testament in Englishe and in Latin: Novvm Testamentvm Anglice et Latine. Anno Dni. 1548. See Ames' Typogr. Antiquities, by Herbert, ii. p. 736.

New Testament. London for John Cawood, 1549. 4to.

The new Testament of our Saviour Christ, newly set forth after the best Copy of William

the notes of Thomas Matthew, with others, helping very much to the Understanding of the Text. London by Jhon Day, 1549. 16mo. A portion of the Bible? A copy is in the Baptist Museum at Bristol.

New Testament by W. Tyndale. Lond. by William Seres, 1549. 8vo.

The new Testamente of our Sauyoure Christ set forth by Willyam Tyndale with ye annatacion of Thomas Mathew. Anno. M.D.xlix. y xxiii daye of May. London by me William Copland. 8vo. Black letter, with wood-cut capitals, consisting of 395 leaves, a full page containing 39 lines. Copies are in the British Museum, and in the Baptist Museum at Bristol. Dr. Dibdin doubted the existence of this edition.

The new Testament, after the translation of M. Coverdale. Printed by Wylliam Tilly, 1549. 4to. A copy, according to Dr. Cotton, is in the Baptist Museum at Bristol.

The new Testament diligently translated by Myers Couerdale and conferred with the translacion of Willyam Tyndale, with the necessary Concordances truly alleged. An. M.D.XLIX. sm. 8vo. A copy of this edition, printed by R. Wolf, is in the Collection of the Duke of Sussex. The edition is not mentioned by any bibliographer.

The Newe Testamente by Willyam Tyndale, with the Annotation of Thomas Matthew. 1549. This book agrees with Tyndale's edition of 1534, except the spelling and its wanting some of the marginal notes and cuts in the Revelation. It also agrees with Tyndale's Bible, printed by John Day and William Seres in 1549, in folio.

The New Testament in Latin and English. Lond. W. Powell, 1549. 4to. The same as in 1547, but the Latin is printed with Roman type. Sotheby's in June 1822, 17. 18s. A copy is in St. Paul's library.

The New Testament of our Sauiour Christ newly set forth after the best Copie of William Tindales Translation, whereunto are added the Notes of Thomas Mathewe wyth other, healpynge verie much to the Vnderstandynge of the Text. London by Jhon Day and Wyllyam Seres, 1550, sm. 8vo. The prefixes are, an address from the printer, an almanack for 28 years, a kalendar and 'William Tindale vnto the christian reader.' Affixed are 'The Epistles taken out of the old testament accordynge as they be now reade in the churche; A gatherynge of certayne harde wordes in the new Testament, wyth their expocision made by M. Jhon Caluin.' Also A Table of the principal matters conteyned in this new Testament, gathered by J. C.' 24 leaves. The figures of the four Evangelists are the same with those which appear in the editions of Matthew's Bible 1549 and 1551; and the plate of St. Matthew

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